In-depth analysis of Korean drama "Signal" with high ratings


"Signal" is a great Korean suspense drama. First of all, it enjoys a very high scores. Then, you will find it does deserve it after watching.

There are not many episodes. The first episode is even a little incomprehensible. The dialogue is through time and space, it starts through a walkie-talkie without batteries, but it works. That is a little inconceivable, and horrible, meanwhile, the meaning of the drama name is also clarified.

Every detail in "Signal" is very meaningful. Because it is about dialogues between two policemen from two different time periods, one is Lee Jae-han from 1985-2000, and the other is Park Hae-young from 2015. Every detail connects the two people closely. There are many existed problems at the beginning, for example, the walkie-talkie is found by Park Hae-young, and how Lee Jae-han call Park Hae-young. All these are solved in the end.

A key character in the whole play is Lee Jae-han, who has disappeared in 2000. His fate is the biggest mystery of the play. It is the interaction between vanity and reality that leads to an effect that a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole. And Park Hae-young and Cha Soo-hyun from 2015 will be in danger in the process of case-solving.

There are 16 episodes in total, and involves 7 complete cases, so it tells almost one case every two episodes. All the cases are also connected with each other, and various clues are interspersed and presented. In the end, the disappearance of Lee Jae-han is revealed. Seven cases are brought about by the abduction case of Kim Yoon-jung, which links the two protagonists together. At the same time, the disappearance of Lee Jae-han is also appeared, so does the revision of the Korean law, and all unsolving cases will be reinvestigated.

The abduction case of Kim Yoon-jung is the most ironic of all the cases. Its last ten minutes of extorting confession are very tense, because the criminal will not be punishable at all once the prosecution time expires, which is the most terrifying part. The second case is the serial murder cases in Gyeonggi Nambu. In the process of investigating, every detail cannot be missed, especially in the follow-up plot after the end of the first case, every shot is meaningful.

The third case is the serial theft cases in 1995. This case is the saddest one, because one person is destroyed owing to the correspondence of two people, thus the two protagonists become sad and reflective. After watching this case, the two people's minds are very complicated. When I think that they would give up the correspondence, while in fact, everything is the best arrangement of fate. Every little thing that happens in the world would trigger the butterfly effect.

The fourth case is the serial murder cases. In my opinion, this story is told to enhance emotions, and it is also a case that focuses on the personality and inner mind of Lee Jae-han. So every meeting is arranged, every feeling is also unexpected, and the situation of the family also greatly affects the physical and mental development of children.

Behind the fifth case of a female high school student in Incheon, is the most worth watching part of this drama.The power and status of someone decides if he can do bad behaviors. The most impressive line is that "Is it the same in your era?", which is a word that Lee Jae-han said to Park Hae-young through the walkie-talkie. "Do people still be unpunished as long as they are powerful? "The police are also afraid of trouble. So they let the prisoners go because of money and power, while other people's families are ruined. This is the saddest thing.

In the last few cases, Lee Jae-han's body is found. It is found out in the Incheon case and Park Sun-woo's suicide case. The most impressive thing in the whole drama is the discussion on the social issue that the powerful can do whatever they want. The policemen who are dedicated to fighting for the cases become more and more powerless.

There are a lot of "shocking" lines in the drama, for instance, "The case is not solved because someone gives up", "I will never give up", "Aren't people punished, as long as they are rich and powerful?""But he will commit same crime again when he kills a child to hide the truth." All these lines give me goose bumps.

"Signal" is based on real cases. The screenwriter connects all the cases together, with three criminal policemen as buckles and a walkie-talkie as a rope. This makes the time travelling understandable, and all the unsolved cases being solved possible.

Meanwhile, the drama triggers a reflection that ordinary crimes hurt a family, but the perverted serial murder cases are the scar of the whole society. It is the fear of human beings about themselves. Because of the complexity of the human brain, the perverted spirit disease has become a special gift from God to human beings. Animals may kill or prey on the same kind due to the pressure of survival, but they will not be full of hatred for a particular group, will not bind the hands and feet of the same kind, and will not wrap corpses in cardboard boxes and dispose them on street corners. These serial murders remind us all the time that the greatest threat to us is always the same kind around us.


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