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Who else wants to read the chronicle of "Transformers"? Today's your lucky day! Are you just as confused as me when it comes to Transformer's timeline? Today, I will sort out the complete storyline of "Transformers", please give me a like and follow me first, then continue reading!

The beginning of primitive times, the beginning of all things

Primacron created two pioneers of life with the Allspark. One is called Unicron, who symbolyses "chaos", "darkness" and "destruction", and the other is called Primus, symbolizing "order", "light" and "creation".

At first, the two pioneers brought civilization to countless chaotic and wild worlds. Later, the thirst for power made Unicron fall into a demonic barrier, he then betrayed and devoured his creator, the Primacron.

Primus and Unicron launched an unprecedented universal war, and countless innocent civilizations were destroyed. In order to fight against Unicron, Primus created 13 mechanical life forms that are not yet able to deform through the Matrix of Leadership. They are called Transformers Thirteen, also known as Primes.

Among the Primes, one prime is stronger than the others, but he betrayed the trust of Primus when he decided to join Unicron's team. He is The Fallen in "Transformers 2" - Megatronus Prime.

The war ended with Primus, who, remember, symbolises light, defeating Unicron, who represents darkness. Unicron and The Fallen were exiled.

Due to Primus' greatly undermined constitution, he had to turn into a planet to recuperate. This planet was the famous Cybertron, where the Transformers come from, that's why they are also known as the Cybertronians.

The Primes either died in battle, or were forced to flee to another dimension. There were only 7 primes left, including Megatronus Prime.

Years later, Unicron was captured by the gravity of the sun and became a planet in the solar system. In "Transformers 5", we were surprised to find that the earth, where human beings have lived for generations, turned out to be the place where the Unicron was trapped.

65 million BC

The "Creator" once came to Earth. They used a molecular weapon called "seed" to detonate the earth and create a large amount of "shape-shifting metals". This weapon is the big betel nut that everyone fought for in "Transformers 4".

One of the creators, "Prime of Life" Quintessa, also left her mark on Earth, such as "Dinobot" in "Transformers 4", and twelve "Guardian Knights" in "Transformers 5".

60 million BC

When the life system on Cybertron tended to be stable, the population began to grow. However, the source of life of Cybertronians required acertain energy supply. At first, the source was Allspark, but later on, they used their own technology to reversely develop "Energon" synthesis technique.

The manufacturing of such "Energon" required a large-scale collection of stellar energy. This process would lead to the withering of stars and, of course, the withering of life. Therefore, the Primes reached a consensus that they would not collect stellar energy in any galaxy where there's living creatures.

15 million BC

The Quintessons from Quintessa ruled the Cybertron, and they enslaved the Cybertronians who were still in the ignorant stage, and tampered with history to portray themselves as the creators of the Cybertronians.

In order to distinguish these slaves and alienate them, the Quintessons designed different symbols for the civilian Cybertronians (i.e. Autobots) and the military Cybertronians (i.e. Decepticons), and forced them to wear them.

11 million BC

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. An Autobot, named Alpha Trion, led the uprising of Cybertronians and started the War of Independence, and finally succeeded in expelling the Quintessons.

The Autobots took over ruling and adapted a part of the Quintessons' political system. The Autobots and Decepticons coexisted peacefully on Cybertron for a period of time.

17000 BC

The Fallen "Megatronus Prime" not only disregarded the life-guarding principles formulated by other primes, but also belittled other primes. He insisted on going his own way and brought his servants to the earth where lives had already existed, that's when "Transformers 2" starts.

Megatronus Prime's most powerful subordinate is named "Jetfire". Before he came to Earth, he had helped Megatronus Prime find a large number of stars that could be used for reaping. Among them, there were many galaxies with living creatures, forbidden star-collecting areas, remember? After seeing thousands of lives being ruined over and over again, Jetfire blamed himself. Struck by a sudden wave of conscience, he finally betrayed "Megatronus Prime", and told his plan to the other six primes.

The Primes stopped Megatronus Prime and imprisoned him in a different-dimensional sarcophagus prison, but they also paid a terrible price. All the six primes sacrificed themselves by using their own bodies to seal the Matrix of Leadership, the key to start the Star Harvester, in Egypt.

17000-11000 BC

A civil war broke out on Cybertron. One side was the Autobots led by Sentinel Prime, and the other side was the Decepticons led by Megatron. This is why they fight for the Allspark in "Transformers 1".

11000 BC

Victory was gradually tilted towards the Decepticons. Seeing that the end had come, Optimus Prime, the second-in-command of the Autobots, had no choice but to launch the Allspark into space to avoid it falling into the hands of the Decepticons.

At the same time, the leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime, drove the Ark, with the last hope of the Autobots, to break through the siege and escape from Cybertron. At that time, they agreed that Optimus Prime would stay behind at Cybertron and continue to fight against the Decepticons. Sentinel Prime would go find the Allspark and rebuild the world for the Autobots.

However, Sentinel Prime had a mind of his own. He had a bold idea: find a new home for the entire Cybertron tribe. He knew that other Autobots might have objections, especially Optimus Prime. Therefore, he conspired with his opponent, Megatron, and told him where the Allspark was.

However, the other Decepticons had no idea of their leader's new alliance, so they fired at the Ark where Sentinel Prime was located. Although the Ark was not destroyed, the superluminal engine of the spaceship was destroyed, resulting in the Ark only cruising at low speed, deviating from the designated target.

10000 BC

Megatron followed his trail, but was hit by a meteorite and fell in the North Pole. The cold climate froze him, but Earth's doom was delayed.

8000 BC

On Cybertron, the Decepticons finally won the war, but Cybertron was no longer suitable for living due to years of war. The Cybertronians had to flee to other galaxies.

6000 BC

The creator, Quintessa, awakened the Twelve Knights who were previously created on Earth. She planned to use them to implement the Cybertron revival plan, and the method, as we saw in "Transformers 5", was to absorb Earth's energy and then deliver it to Cybertron. But that was not all that Quintessa wanted, as would be later revealed.

As we have all known, Cybertron was the incarnation of Primus. Only stars of the same level could provide enough energy, and the earth happened to be the incarnation of Unicron of the same level as Primus.

But in this way, the human world would also be completely destroyed. The Twelve Knights who were born on the earth could not agree with the slaughter of innocent lives. They betrayed their creator Quintessa, stole her staff, and destroyed the Cybertron revival plan, and had been hiding on earth ever since.

Around 500 AD

In the Middle Ages, in Europe, an alcoholic named Merlin accidentally discovered the spaceship of the Twelve Knights but he swore to keep their secret.

Merlin followed the famous King Arthur to fight. So, when he was in danger, he turned to the Twelve Knights for help. They lent Quintessa's staff to Merlin and merged him with a dragon, and that's how the legend of the the Kights of the Roud Table was created.

After that, the Twelve Knights handed everything to Merlin for safekeeping, and injected his DNA into the it. Only people from the Merlin family could use the staff. After Merlin died, he was boxed with everything the Twelve had given him and sank into the deep sea along with the Knights' spaceship. His descendants, in the name of the "Knights of Witwicky", have been guarding this.

1897 AD

One of the members of the "Knights of Witwicky", was polar explorer Archibald Witwicky, the great-great-grandfather of the protagonist of "Transformers 1". In the process of exploring the Arctic Circle, he accidentally found the frozen "Megatron". He somehow engraved the coordinates of the Allspark on the cracks of his glasses. The US government specially set up the "Sector-Seven" to conduct investigation and research.

1903 AD

The Allspark was discovered in the Colorado River region of North America.

1931 AD

The United States built the Hoover Dam at the location of the Allspark to hide it and study it.

1934 AD

The Sector-Seven named the frozen Megatron found in the Arctic as "NBE-1" (Non-Organic Extraterrestrial Life 1), and sent it to the research base under the Hoover Dam, where it would continue to be frozen. Since then, due to the research on Megatron, the scientific and technological level of mankind developed rapidly.

1961 AD

The Ark, driven by Sentinel Prime, fell on the back of the moon. Almost all the crew members were killed, but Sentinel Prime fell into a deep coma. After the impact was detected, the United States quickly launched the moon landing plan, followed by the Soviet Union. The start of US-Soviet space arms race was to explore the truth of what happened on the moon.

1963 AD

The Decepticons began to secretly transport energy cells from the Ark to Earth.

1969 AD

When the Americans first successfully landed on the moon, they blocked the signal, visited the Ark, and concealed the truth from the world. After that, the Soviet Union took a video on the moon with a probe and brought back engine parts and an energy cell of the ark.

1972 AD

The Decepticons bought off individual humans and raised the aerospace budget, and the moon landing plan had since been put on hold.

1986 AD

The Soviet Union caused an explosion during research on the energy cell. The explosion site was the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. At the same time, more and more Cybertronians secretly came to Earth.

1987 AD

Autobot B-127 came to Earth but he was seriously injured by Blitzwing, and his language module and memory module were severely damaged. He transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle, and was discovered by a little girl called Charlie, and was named "Bumblebee" from then on.

2007 AD

At the beginning of the story of "Transformers 1", the Decepticons found Archibald Witwicky's glasses on eBay, and began to track down the great-great-grandson of Witwicky, Sam, who was selling it on that platform.

Sam bought a second-hand Chevrolet Camaro. However, he had no idea that it was in fact the Transformer "Bumblebee" lurking on Earth. He took Sam to Optimus Prime.

Finally, Sam discovered that his great-great-grandfather's glasses were printed with the location of the Allspark.

Sector-Seven tried hard to cover up the alien's secret, but they were not successful. They led the Decepticons to the Hoover Dam where Megatron was frozen. They woke him up and started to prepare to snatch the Allspark. He intended to use that energy to turn all the machines on Earth into Transformers, and take this opportunity to rule Earth.

At the most critical moment, Sam stuffed the Allspark into Megatron's core, killing him, and the Allspark altogether, leaving behind but a fragment. The remains of Megatron sank into the Mariana Trench.

2009 AD

This following events take place at the beginning of "Transformers 2":

After Sam touched the fragment of the Allspark, he couldn't help writing in the language of the Cybertronians. My favorite Transformer Decepticon, "Soundwave", sent a small robot to invade the system of US Air Force One and found the fragment of the Allspark, and where Megatron was, and brought him back to life.

As it turns out, Megatron was backed by The Fallen "Megatronus Prime". He ordered Megatron and other Decepticons to restart the "Star Harvester", so they prepared it to absorb the energy of the sun and create the source of life for the Cybertronians known as Energon. To activate the Harvester, The Matrix of Leadership must be used. All their answers were in the mind of Sam who had touched the fragment of the Allspark.

While protecting Sam, Optimus Prime got stabbed to death by Megatron's sword. Sam sought help from the former director of Sector-Seven, Simmons, and under the guidance of the Decepticon Jetfire, he found the location where the Matrix of Leadership was sealed by the six primes. It was the symbol of the leader and the most effective source of Allspark - the fountain of life of the Transformers.

Sam resurrected Optimus Prime with the Matrix of Leadership, but Megatronus Prime stole it, and activated the Star Harvester. Only a prime can defet another prime and Optimus Prime is the last one. Jetfire sacrificed himself to strenghten Optimus. He was so powerful that he slashed The Fallen, crippled Megatron, and made Starscream shiver.

2012 AD

The beginning of “Transformers 3”…

2012-2017 AD

The beginning of “Transformers 4”…

2022 AD

After the opening credits of "Transformers 5", Optimus Prime arrives at Cybertron, however, after years of wars and failed teleportation, it had become a dead star. There Optimus meets Quintessa for the first time.

Quintessa bewitched him and told him that getting the staff back was the only way to save Cybertron, and brainwashed him into becoming The Fallen "Nemesis Prime".

At the same time, six giant Hell's Corner appeared on Earth, and due to this event and after tying some loose ends, everyonerealised that the core of planet Earth was Unicron.

This was why aliens always coveted Earth. Stonehenge in England was the center of the six corners, and Quintessa's revival ceremony would be held here.

Viviane, a descendant of Merlin, found the staff on the spaceship of the Twelve Knights in the depths of the sea.But it was taken away by evil Optimus Prime, and no one could be his opponent as only a prime can defeat a prime.

Seeing the situation turned into a downtrend, Bumblebee made the long-lost original call that finally awakened Optimus Prime. However, the staff was still taken away by Megatron, and returned it to Quintessa.

With the staff, the revival ceremony officially began. The Cybertron docked into Earth's orbit and began to suck Earth's energy out of Unicron, this clearly put the lives of everyone at stake. Humans and Autobots launched a final counterattack against Quintessa. Viviane, the descendant of Merlin, pulled out the staff and terminated the revival ceremony.

At the very end of the movie, Optimus Prime led the Autobots back to their home planet and started the real Cybertron revival plan, while Quintessa came to Earth disguised as a human woman. She was more interested in killing Unicron than reviving Cybertron.

However, Unicron was waking up, Primus was being repaired, and the witch Quintessa was causing mayhem.

And that's it for today! Next, if we're lucky enough, we'll get to witness the battle of the century between the two gods. Let's hope it turns out alright!

Well, which is your favorite Transformers? Let me know in the comments section!

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