Did you spot the goofs in these nine classic movies?

When it comes to Death on the Nile, it is absolutely a phenomenal script, with marvelous line-ups.But there are many bugs that I can't bear to expose them all. However, I will show you an inventory of those weird goofs in nine classic movies. Subscribe to my account, and keep on reading!

1.Death on the Nile: There is a man hiding in Linnet's room!

On her first appearance, Jacqueline, appeared eating a box of her host's chocolates. She was not polite at all. From the way she ate, we could alredy tell she was a greedy girl.

Linette walked in, exchanged a few pleasantries with her, but then Jacqueline began vigorously bragging about her boyfriend, Simon Doyle. Even though Linette changed the topic and asked her about her bathroom's decorations, Jacqueline could not stop to talk about her boyfriend.

Here's when things get real interesting, right after that scene, look carefully at the oval mirror on the right. A man in black crawls past rapidly, though not enough, but it is easy to tell whether it was a man or a woman. So, all in all, there is a man hiding in Linnet's room, what does it mean? No fricking clue.

After some digging, I found out this was a very irresponsible staff member.The British Mersham Film Company did not fix the bug when the Blu-ray version was released, and I suspect this is the reason they went bankrupt, because after Mersham released "Evil Under the Sun" in 1982, they did not produce nor released a single film for over 40 years.

2.Evil under the Sun: Poirot, the Seasick Detective

As soon as the rich man appeared on stage, he began to complain about Arlena and how she had only been fooling around with him at sea for the previous three days to cheat him out of a diamond worth 100,000 dollars. So, he asked detective Poirot to take a boat to a hotel to trap Arlena.

Poirot immediately said that he was very embarrassed because he suffered from seasickness... Detective Poirot gets seasick? Who's going to tell him that he stayed on the Nile for three days and three nights,was drugged in wine and he did not get seasick then, DID HE? I haven't figured this one out yet, and it's been 40 years.

"Death on the Nile" and "Evil under the Sun" were produced by the same company, so why should I even try? they have no idea what they are doing.

3.Roman Holiday: Princess Anne Escaped

The embassy where Princess Anne stayed in Roman Holiday is the Palazzo Barberini in Rome, a very typical Rococo building, which is now the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Italy.

Perhaps, Paramount thought that this venue was too expensive as the shooting process looks relatively hasty... It looks like they had to film everything on one take, there were goofs that an Oscar-nominated film should not feature. For example, when Princess Anne passed by a room with many mirrors, a crew member's head appeared in the lower left corner of the picture, which produced an unintentional bit of horror film flavor.

It seems that using mirrors is really not a good idea, as there have been tons of mistakes due to mirrors!

4. The French film "The Old Gun"

At the end of “The Old Gun”, after methodically killing several German soldiers, Dr. Julien picked up a flamethrower in the basement, because he had already run out of ammunition, so he decided to use it as last resort weapon to avenge his wife and daughter.

In front of the mirror, the German captain, the only survivor in the castle, heard that the French guerrillas outside the wall had surrounded him. He was so desperate that he pulled out his gun to commit suicide. Suddenly, he felt an odd presence in the mirror in front of him. It was Dr. Julien standing behind the mirror, holding a flamethrower and planning to kill him.

But wait, a man with a fire extinguisher appeared on the lower right corner of the mirror!

Apparently it was another crew member who wanted to leave work early and rushed into the scene. Apparently, the producer of the film was a guy who hated working overtime and did not notice that. The scene was kept!

"The Old Gun" has since been released in Blu-ray in recent years. The only change they made is that the name of the leading actress, Romy Schneider, has a different font. The rest was not re-editted. The crew member with the fire extinguisher is still there. It seems that the French are really lazy after all.

5. Household appliances in Gone with the Wind

There was an electric wire next to the carpet under the Christmas tree in the scene where Ashley came home to visit her family! Well... Isn't that avant-garde?!

After Scarlett married Kennedy, a businessman, she opened the "Kennedy Wood Shop". The clerks in the shop were actually cutting wood with electric saws. The owners of southern manors were indeed the representatives of advanced productive forces!

In the second half of the film, Ashley, Kennedy and Dr. Meade went out to seek revenge, killing the slave who had almost raped Scarlett, pretending to be drunk, and staggering home. Melanie held up a lamp to send her husband upstairs to rest. Please note that this is an electric lamp, because you can easily spot the tail of the wire.

It's interesting to think that in 1865, at the end of the Civil War, Edison, the father of the light bulb, was only 18 years old, had just grown his first beard, and had not yet had time to fly his famous kite!

Director Victor Fleming was not satisfied. In the scene where Melanie had dystocia when she gave birth and Scarlett was looking for Dr. Meade everywhere, a light bulb appeared in the street lamp on the roadside. He was afraid that the audiences could not see it clearly. He also gave a special close-up. At this time, not to mention the light bulb, there was no electricity in the United States, and the main energy source of the street lamp was gas!

The first power station in the United States to sell electricity was the Experimental Power Plant in San Francisco, which was also built in 1879, 14 years after the end of the Civil War. In 1882, the Pearl Street Power Plant in New York was built in the United States. It was equipped with six DC generators and powered by 110 volts of DC for lighting. This was the first relatively regular civil power plant in the world!

The director, Victor Fleming, has a background in fairy tale movies (The Wizard of Oz), which is really all kinds of unrestrained and surrealistic.

6.The zebra crossing in The Sound of Music

"The Sound of Music" is a beautiful film, but Fox went to a lot of trouble to shoot it, such as the German invasion of Austria, which aroused strong opposition from local officials in Salzburg!

They were worried that their own people would not be able to accept the Nazi flag hanging on the city hall, and it was said that director Robert Wise had cleverly lied that he was leading the crew to make a World War II documentary about the heroic resistance of the Austrian people!

Although this movie was mainly shot smoothly and beautifully, there was a time traveller that decided it was a good idea to bring back a bit of futuristic wisdom and painted a zebra crossing on the street! The first zebra crossing in the world appeared in London, England, in the early 1950s, and The Sound of Music took place in 1938.

7.Indian film "Caravan"

After the villain Rajan killed Mohandas, the owner of the factory, he coaxed his daughter Sunita into marriage. On their wedding night, Monica, a dancing girl, suddenly appeared in the room. She kept saying that she was Rajan's mistress. She took out a handwritten suicide note of Mohandas from a small handbag covered with sequins and threw it to Sunita. "You're right about Rajan. He stole three hundred thousand rupees from my safe…".

When Monica pulled out the letter, it was folded in four. In the next shot, Sunita took the letter and read it, but the paper was flat. This is a typical film term "continuity error".

8.Saving Private Ryan

At 83 minutes into the 169-minute film, there is an obvious mistake. In the first scene, the disobedient team member Caparzo was sniped by German soldiers. In the next scene, the team moved on, they would not stop because of the death of a member of their team. This is all right, but there should be only seven people left. Why do we still see eight people?

Is Caparzo a ghost looking for Ryan? Fans around the world, said that "Saving Private Ryan" lost to the plain "Shakespeare in Love" at the 71st Academy Awards in 1999, probably because of such a low-level error in film editing.

But it's hard to explain HOW the editor, Michael Kahn, has won an Oscar for Best Editing. The old man is Steven Spielberg's official editor, who has worked with him since Schindler's List until the remake of West Side Story.

By the way, the editing of Saving Private Ryan is a very important turning point in the history of film. It is the last Hollywood film to use film editing. I am also a little confused about this. You know, "telecine" has been very common since the early 1990s.

9. Forrest Gump: Elvis Presley's “Hound Dog”

"Forrest Gump" likes to pay tribute to all kinds of predecessors, such as the scene in which Forrest Gump says that his ancestors are Ku Klux Klan, which is cut from D.W. Griffith's classic work "Birth of a Nation".But when the tributes are too much,it is hard to avoid making mistakes, such as Elvis Presley's live performance of "Hound Dog"!

Forrest Gump's mother was shopping with him when she accidentally walks by a window where Elvis Presley's wild singing and dancing were playing on the TV. She was so surprised that her jaw almost fell off. The thing is... that particular performance had not happened yet.

This performance was on the Milton Berle Show in 1956, which caused a nationwide uproar because of its high ratings and large audiences watching live. Elvis' shocking behavior caused many to denounce, and the live broadcast became a phenomenal cultural event!

Forrest Gump was born in 1944. When Elvis Presley performed "Hound Dog" in 1956, Forrest Gump should be 12 years old, not 6 or 7 years old as we saw in the movie.

All right, let me know what other goofs have you spotted in movies as famous as these ones. Go to the comments section and tease together with me!

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