Inception: Analysis of the nine mysteries

When people ask me what is the most mind-blowing sci-fi film, I have to answer Nolan's “Inception”. Do you have any trouble in understanding it? After watching the movie several times, I personally think you must first accept the countless imaginative concepts in it. So, for you to better understand the film, I will analyze all of them:

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1. First of all, there are six layers of worlds in the film.

If we take the real world as a reference, in order of dreaming, they are: the real world, the first layer of dream, the second layer of dream, the third layer of dream, the fourth layer of dream, and Limbo.

2. Normal people live in the real world and when they are dreaming, they are in the first layer of dream.

If you want to enter the second layer of dream, that is, dream in a dream, you must take an ordinary medicine. There are two ways to wake up from a dream (whether it's the first or second layer): the first is the so-called "kick", which is the impact of a gravitational fall; the second one is to be killed. Of course, waiting for the medicine to expire is also a way to go.

3. If you want to enter the third layer of dream, ordinary medicine is ineffective, only enhanced medicine will work.

But the side effect of the enhanced medicine is that, if you are killed in a dream and cannot wake up, you will enter Limbo (I will explain later what is Limbo), so you can only wake up by a "kick".

4. The so-called "synchronize a kick"; that is to say: it is necessary to kick the dreamer at the same time in all layers.

For example, for those who are active in the fourth layer of dream, they need to be kicked in the first to fourth layers at the same time to wake them up in the first layer; if the kick is only in the third and fourth layers, they will wake up in the third layer; if there is a layer in the middle without a kick, for example, the kick is only in the first, second and fourth layers, or only in the first and second layers, the dreamers who are active in the fourth layer of dream will not wake up. That is called "miss a kick". So, when the team in the film plans to invade the deep dream, they must keep a person awake in each layer to take charge of the kick, and they will use the end of the music to coordinate the “synchronize a kick” moment.

5. The time between layers is delayed by a factor of approximately twenty.

In a realistic 10 hours, the first layer lasts about 1 week, the second one about half a year, and the third one about ten years.

6. The title means the beginning. In the film, it is a term for stealing dreams. It does not mean stealing information in a dream, but refers to implanting a certain idea into the target character, making him feel that the idea is his own.

Inception can be completed at least in the third layer. There is a reason for this, as we can see in the dreams of the target characters in the film: the first layer of dream is very shallow, a whole city with a lot of consciousness; the second layer is a hotel; and the third layer is a fortress in the white snow. In dreams with less consciousness, the implantation effect is stronger.

7. Every dream has a dreamer who shares his dream with others.

The scene in the dream can be designed by a special designer and then told to the dreamer, so the designer is not necessarily the dreamer. In theory, everyone who enters the dream will bring some projection of their own consciousness, but except for the target character, others know that they are dreaming, so they will not be confused. The dream scene designed by the designer cannot be too unrealistic, otherwise the target character will realize that he is dreaming, and his projection will attack other people who intrude into the dream. Of course, if the projection of the target character has undergone special anti-inception training, even if the dream scene is real, the intruders will be attacked by the projection.

8. Limbo isn't a dream, and it doesn't vary from person to person.

Only when a person has taken enhanced medicine and dies in a dream, they can enter Limbo. Time in Limbo is endless. And in this world, there are only some fragments of scenes left by people who have been here before. Before the Japanese comes, only Cobb and his wife have been there. Therefore, the house of the Japanese in Limbo is the same as the one built by Cobb when he tries the inception on him. After entering Limbo, if the dreamer dies, he will return to reality. But the problem is that the memory will be lost in Limbo, and he cannot remember this method, so entering Limbo is a last resort.

9. Dreams can be grafted.

That is to say, after A and B enter C's first layer of dream (the dreamer of this layer is C), B can bring A into B's second layer of dream (the dreamer of this layer is B).

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