The Last Of US: When games become similar to movies, the movies keep the same

It is rare for a TV series to have a high rating, but The Last Of Us achieves it.

As a fan of the game, I approve of the TV series, as it faithfully captures the essence of the game.

However, I am also disappointed with the TV series, as it lacks innovations beyond what was already seen in the games.

1.When the game become similar to the movie

During the Christmas holidays in 2014, I found myself alone. Fortunately, I had the PS4 version of The Last of Us with me. It is a horror game that tells a fantastic story.

Set 20 years after the collapse of modern civilization, the game follows Joel, a hardened survivor, who is tasked with smuggling Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What begins as a simple job quickly becomes a brutal and heart-wrenching journey as they navigate through the United States and rely on each other for survival.

While zombies and doomsday are not new themes in gaming, The Last of Us excels in its storytelling and portrayal of the characters' emotions. Both the main plot and subplots deeply resonated with me, particularly the ending. Even after completing the game, I remained captivated by it and took hours to fully emerge from its gripping reality.

In addition to the excellent story, this game is visually stunning and cinematic in terms of graphics and action design.

The graphics depict animals freely roaming in a run-down city, zombies lurking in dark corners with terrifying roars, and traces of people's lives before the doomsday, which can be seen everywhere. All of these elements possess a desolate beauty.

When it comes to action designs such as sneaking, fighting, and shooting, you can find a similar imitation in movies like "Bourne" and "007". This, combined with the game's natural advantage of providing a sense of substitution, makes for an exciting playing experience.

This game has received an A+ rating, making it the top choice.

It is perfect for a TV series, and I have been eagerly anticipating its release since the news first broke.

2. When the movie become similar to the game

Firstly, the appearance of the actors in the TV series differs significantly from the characters in the game, particularly for Ellie and Joel's daughter. Additionally, their personalities undergo changes between the TV drama and the game. Initially, fans of the game may find it difficult to adjust, but I assure you that if you continue watching, you will become accustomed to it in no time.

In terms of restoring the game, it does a very good job. Especially the sensory experience and the screen.

In the second episode, I even got a sensory experience beyond Hollywood movies.

The director doesn't use any bird's-eye shots in the scene where Joel and Ellie leave the totalitarian government and enter the savage zombie world. The cameraman stands on the ground like a war correspondent, following and recording the movements of the protagonists from the perspective of ordinary people.

As for the processing of sound effects, whenever Joel and Ellie enter the pool, the secret room, and other places, the sound of water droplets, wind, feet on the fragile old stairs and wooden floors, especially the rattle of zombies, are all amplified. It is very scary and keeps the audience on edge.

The impressive scenes in the game are restored to the TV Series by the director.

In the first episode, the main story is almost the same as in the game.

On the night of the outbreak, there are Countless burned houses, frightened people, and crashed planes made it easy for me to substitute for the story in games, all appeared in TV series.

The TV series has higher requirements for realism than the game. These scenes need to look real. It requires high production costs, which is only possible for superhero movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The last of us did it, it's incredible, I don't know how.

3.The short of the TV series is that they could have done a better job of improving the story.

Game production needs more effort for game experience itself; TV series production needs to focus more on storytelling. Therefore, the strong storyline is the advantage of TV series.

Compare with the game, TV Series has added a lot of drama to Joel's daughter. Before the daughter send Joel the watch as a birthday gift, she goes to school and steals Joel's money to fix the watch.

These plots make the daughter completed, but it is not exquisite. Audiences do not have more empathy for her daughter, nor increase Joel's sense of grief. It doesn't help the story at all.

TV Series have added a lot of irony to reality, which is a good improvement.

The spread of COVID in the real world is similar to the zombie virus in the TV series. Lockdown, isolation, testing, people are doing the same thing. Compared with games, TV series have more descriptions of the epidemic. The concept of fungal infection and a discussion of infectious diseases by scientists have been added to the TV series, making the story more convincing.

Nowadays, TV series and movies based on games are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, there aren't many good ones. On the contrary, most of them are mediocre or even disastrous. Resident Evil, Halo, Uncharted - all of them were overshadowed by their game counterparts due to their poor quality.

It's nice to have a well-made TV series that can capture my attention for some time. However, I'm quite surprised by its rating of 8.8 on Peliplat. A rating of 8.8 is near perfection, at a masterpiece level. This show is merely good, nothing more.

The game focuses more on the gaming experience, while the TV series emphasizes storytelling. Both mediums have their advantages.

Regarding The Last Of Us, the TV series is too similar to the game. The director seems to have put all his energy into recreating the game, disregarding the advantages that a TV series has for storytelling. What is the point of making a TV series that resembles a game?

Rating B+

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