CCXP23 has officially started today in São Paulo, bringing first-hand news and lots of excitement. Our team from Peliplat checked out some of the highlights of this epic first day.


On the Thunder Stage, the main stage of the event, Xuxa Meneghel received a standing ovation from the public, making her attendance a true Xou da Xuxa”. The entertainer received an award for being the person honored at the 10th edition of CCXP. At 60 years old, Xuxa talked about the title of “Queen of Little Ones”.

“I don’t want to give it up. I’ve been working on television for forty years, and I affectionately got this title. I want to be remembered like this. I know there are eternal kids, kids that have grown up, kids that are no longer kids…but Queen of Little Ones is very strong for me,” she said.


On the very first day, the love season was launched at CCXP23, with the first batch of Epic Weddings at the Magic Market.

The ceremonies are led by the famous queen Valen, The Entwiner of Fates – they have no legal validity, of course, but for a nerd couple is more official than any paper from the notary office.

Throughout the ceremony, the queen (together with her adorable dragon) follows a script similar to the ones from legal and religious weddings, but with some other small details that are, let’s say, medieval, in the best Magic Market style.


After attending as a guest at CCXP in 2019 and at CCXP Worlds in 2020, Lana Parilla returned to the CCXP23 this Thursday. She’s best known for her role as Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time (2011 - 2017).

Parilla is also the record holder of Photo and Autograph sessions and demonstrated her appreciation for Brazil and South America. In this edition of CCXP23, Parilla received the title of “Mayor” of the event and promised to return whenever possible because she loves her Brazilian fans. The actress also used the panel to give new details about her character in Atlas, a movie that will be released on Netflix in 2024.


Paris Filmes, one of the main audiovisual distribution companies in Brazil, was present in another CCXP. This time, its panel in the Thunder Stage was 100% Brazilian, with particular emphasis on national productions that will be hitting the theaters in the next months.

One of the highlights was the feature film Homem com H, which will be directed and written by Esmir Filho (Verlust), and they will start filming it in January 2024. The movie follows a boy from a humble background who is passionate about nature, breaks free from oppression and figures of authority, breaks down prejudice, and becomes one of the most influential artists of his generation: Ney Matogrosso. The singer will be interpreted by Jesuíta Barbosa (from the soap opera Pantanal).

Fans were also able to see a preview of Bandida: A Número Um da Rocinha, a feature directed by João Wainer (A Jaula) which depicts the story of the first female leader of drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro. The panel featured a chat with actress and singer Maria and actor Milhem Cortaz (from Tropa de Elite).

Two titles that also appeared on the panel were CIC – Central de Inteligência Cearense, led by Edmilson Filho (Cine Holliúdy), and the children's production Chama a Bebel, which will have Giulia Benite (Turma da Mônica: Lições) as the protagonist.


Best known as the lead singer of Iron Maiden, Dickinson released a new music video during a panel at CCXP23. The music presented was Afterglow Of Ragnarok, the first one from the album “The Mandrake Project”.

“The Mandrake Project” is Bruce Dickinson’s first solo album in nearly 20 years. The last individual project of the lead singer of Iron Maiden, called “Tyranny Of Souls”, was released in 2005. Since then, he has only participated in albums with Iron Maiden.

Ambitious, the project entitled “The Mandrake Project” is Bruce’s seventh solo album, but the scope is not limited to music. In fact, in addition to the songs, 12 chapters of a comic book that tells the story of a man known as Doctor Necropolis will be released.

According to Dickinson, who, in addition to singing, is also the author of the story along with Tony Lee, the release of all chapters should take two years and a half. The story, according to him, will be dark and will address intricate themes, such as abuse and corruption. It will be focused on the adult audience, as revealed by the artist himself.

The first chapter of “The Mandrake Project” will be released on January 15th. The dates for the following chapters have not yet been confirmed. More video clips of the new songs will be released between chapters.


George Miller (Mad Max), Anya Taylor-Joy (The New Mutants), and Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers) made a triumphal entrance in the Thunder Stage, with motorcycles growling loudly on stage! – to speak of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. But the panel’s climax was the first trailer of the movie, which was packed with the bold aesthetics that are Miller’s trademark and gave some hints of the origin story of Furiosa (Taylor-Joy) and Hemsworth’s grotesque character.

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