CCXP23 - Check out the highlights from the second day of the event

On the second day of CCXP, Peliplat had an epic experience alongside great personalities such as Mauricio de Sousa, Junji Ito, Charlie Hunnam, and Zack Snyder.

Let’s check out some of the highlights from this epic Friday.


As one of the most anticipated guests of CCXP23, Junji Ito came on the Thunder Stage on the second day of the event to talk about his previous and upcoming works and what he thinks of the Brazilian horror scenario.

Initially, he declared that he will continue writing about Tomie, in a shorter story. “It’s been a while since I don’t catch up with Tomie. I want this partnership to work, so I’m going to dedicate myself to it,” promised Junji Ito. He praised Brazilian energy and passion saying that “maybe I’ll take some of this passion to Tomie. It’s inside me and it could end up being reflected in the story.

Among other topics, Ito spoke about the theory that his stories take place in the same universe. “These stories are not born in the same universe, but as the characters evolve, I can see the similarities between them and decide whether or not it’s worth putting them in the same story,” explained him.


One of the greatest Brazilian cartoonists had a guaranteed space on the Thunder Stage, so we paid a closer look at all the cinematographic news that Mauricio de Sousa Produções showed us.

Alongside his daughter Monica, who inspired his famous character, he told us that he has been working on a film about the character Horacio, the dinosaur. The director Carlos Saldanha (Rio) will join him in the project, scheduled for release in 2024.

Mauricio and Monica also exhibited exclusive scenes from some films that had already been announced for next year. Among them, "Monica Teen: Reflexes of Fear," scheduled to be released in January. The feature film centered on Chuck Billy also received a teaser. The main character will be played by child actor Isaac Amendoim and the cast will count with Luís Lobianco.


As the most anticipated guest of the day, Zack Snyder ("Batman v Superman") had his down-to-earth moment, where the director decided to tour the Pavilion for a while, followed by a crowd of fans, and visit the Netflix booth.

Rebel Moon was the only production chosen by Netflix to be released at CCXP23. Snyder revealed that the concept of “Rebel Moon” as a film has existed for about 20 years, but reinforced that the idea itself has been with him since he watched Sci-Fi movies such as George Lucas’ trilogy from the 1970s and 1980s.

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