CCXP23 - Check out the highlights from the third day of the event

The third day of CCXP23 was full of powerful emotions, news, and a lot of smiles. Let’s check the highlights of this glorious Saturday.

Early in the day, the audience, who queued up at the Thunder Stage throughout the previous night, was welcomed with an excellent “Good Morning!”.


Anthony Daniels, the actor who plays C-3PO in the Star Warssaga, spoke about how he chose to play the character during a Panel dedicated to his life and work. According to him, the factor concept-image had a fundamental role in convincing him to play this character, and he fell in love with its design.

When I saw its concept-image, and realized it’s possible to see the sadness and loneliness of this character, I fell in love with its vulnerable face.

After reading the script, Daniels admitted in his panel that C-3PO was the character he identified with and liked the most.


One of the most beloved demigods in pop culture presented us with messages from the cast and the author of the saga at CCXP23. With global exclusivity, Disney showed some scenes from Percy Jackson and the Olympians on the Thunder Stage, and fans couldn’t hold back the tears of nostalgia after seeing their favorite characters returning to the screen.


The new Prime Video’s TV show came on stage along with its cast, starring Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins, its director and producer, Jonathan Nolan, and the co-showrunner, Graham Wagner. The team presented the trailer and shared details of the game adaptation.

The TV show will reveal what lies behind the doors of Vault 33, one of the underground fortresses that protect humans from the post-apocalyptic world outside after a nuclear war devastated the planet.

According to Nolan, the purpose of "Fallout" is to create an exciting adventure that would be very coherent with the narrative of the RPG game from 1997. This is the first season of the TV show.

"Something really cool about ‘Fallout’ is that it’s one of the best games in the world. Each game is based on a specific city with specific characters. So as it’s an adaptation, we thought: 'Oh cool, this will work well into the game’s universe! Let’s do something very faithful'." He even added: "It was very scary. We are talking about a gigantic undertaking."


The The Boys TV show ended its 3rd season in mid-2022. After this came the Gen Vspinoff. All episodes are available for streaming on Prime Video. Season 4 of The Boys begins one month after the events of theGen V finale.


The Cidade de Deus TV show, produced 20 years after the homonymous film, will have a female lead and will tell the stories of resistance from people in the community.

All the female characters in the TV show are directing their own stories. They are responsible for changing the course of events,” said Andreia Horta.

The world will only change when we, as women, are in control,” added Roberta Rodrigues.

When asked about the differences between the movie and the TV show, Rodrigues explained that the latter will focus on people’ stories and what they experience in the community every day.

The TV show will show people in the community, not in the favela. Unlike the movie, the TV show talks about the people who live and suffer there.


Jodie Foster, Issa López, and Kali Reis took the stage at CCXP23 to tell a little aboutNight Country,” the 4th season of True Detective. This new season will follow the TV show model of a couple with strong personalities, but López reinforced that she had “absolute freedom” to add any new elements she wanted to the “story of love and friendship between two women,” as she described it.

However, what helped the filmmaking was a ritual performed collectively for the indigenous Inuit people, residents of the Arctic regions. Jodie said that the idea came from her and all the actors went to plant trees in Iceland, where the outdoor shooting happened.

As it takes place in Alaska, the fourth season was filmed in the region. And, obviously, in very cold weather.

Jodie Foster revealed that Kali Reis, because of participating in more external scenes, ended up having part of her leg frozen.

There were a few days when it was windy and cold. We all had to leave at midnight because a storm was coming. For some reason I was lucky. There were about eight or 10 days when I was sick and lost my voice, and those were the worst days over there, so I escaped unharmed.”

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