71st San Sebastián’s International Film Festival 2023



From September 22nd to 30th you will find in Peliplat EVERYTHING related to the 71st edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, one of the most important film events in the world.

The San Sebastian Film Festival is the most important film festival in Spain and one of the most prestigious events in Europe. It is the only festival of the highest category (A) in Spain and one of the fourteen international festivals with this category.

It has been the scene of major film events, such as the international premiere of "Vertigo" and the world premiere of "North by Northwest", both directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and the European premiere of the first installment of the "Star Wars" saga, in 1977.

In addition, after 10 years of retirement, Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki will open the Festival with his new film "The Boy and The Heron".

Join us in this new adventure and discover in Peliplat all the magic that the San Sebastian Festival has for you.

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Beatriz Espejel_peliplat

Beatriz Espejel

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Marta Nieto

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Lola Lolita

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Dolores Fonzi - Blondi