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Hoodoo Ann (1916)

65 min  |  Comedy, Drama, Romance

For all her young life, Hoodoo Ann has lived up to her nickname. Nothing has ever gone right for her, and from the 13th of the month, when she is left at the Meadowdale orphanage, her troubles increase. Little Goldie, pet of Miss Prudence Scraggs, is allowed to play with a beautiful doll and an adorable kitten, but Ann spends her time scrubbing and scouring. One night the orphanage takes fire and is burned to the ground. Ann, with no malice in her heart, saves Goldie from death in the flames. All the neighbors are at the blaze, and the childless Knapps adopt Ann. The Vances, father and son, take an interest in her, and young Jimmie is soon dividing his time between his study of art, and Ann. They become great chums. Then Ann discovers Mr. Knapp's revolver, and it is discharge while she's fooling with it in the attic. Next door live Bill and Sarah Higgins in a continually-quarrelsome atmosphere. Sarah has just left the house vowing that she will never return when Ann rushes in to see what damage her shot has done. Bill is lying on the floor and she thinks she has killed him. Sarah returns and is arrested for the murder of Bill, who is now missing. The unjust accusation moves Ann to make a complete confession and she is about to be arrested when Bill appears. It develops that the bullet had maimed a stray cat. Jimmie and Ann nurse the animal and Ann is convinced that her future lies in being a model nurse and homemaker. She soon becomes Sunshine Ann, a name which sticks long after she has become Mrs. Jimmie Vance.

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