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Black Beach (2020)

110 min  |  Thriller, Crime, Drama

Carlos Fuster is a Spanish CEO who lives in Brussels (Belgium) working for an important USA oil company. Married with a 8-months pregnant Susan and with his mother Elena who works as a veteran United Nations' diplomatic, Carlos' lives in a upper-class full of luxury hoping to turn in associate of the company and with plan to move with Susan to New York City to get a better life. His plans turn bad when his bosses chose him to negotiate in a remote African island country where he lived time ago after to know that Steve Campbell, an American engineer, has been kidnapped by a Calixto Batete, a former Carlos' friend. In the belief to be a fast and easy work, Carlos back to the country living in a house property of León, son of president Gregorio Ndong, and meeting again Alejandra, a Spanish NGO cooperator who lives in a boat with her friend and assistant Eva. However, troubles starts to appear by everywhere: Carlos learns that Ada, Carlos' former love interest, married Calixto years ago to care Calixto Jr., Carlos' son that he believed to be aborted by her eight years ago, and that she was arrested and imprisoned in the Black Beach jail. Looking for his son and suspecting a cover-up, Carlos discovers that Calixto is not the kidnapper, but a fugitive who with Campbell discovered secret files implicating the oil company in illegal activities with the president Ndong related with the genocide of a local tribe named zande. Carlos' attempt to know the truth cause that General Mba, Black Beach's warden, moves his soldiers following Carlos in idea that he find the files by him. Discovering a reality more dirty than he expected, Carlos visits Ada's mother Claudina in the desire to save Calixto before he be killed by Ndong's henchmen, but according time passes, Carlos finds himself in a race against time to locate the files with horrible consequences: Carlos finds Calixto just to be executed by Mba in front of him. Not finding the papers, Carlos escapes and returns to visit Mama Claudina to learn that all the residents of her building have been assassinated including the own Claudina, who had hidden the files. Running with it, in the escape Alejandra tries to save him from Mba just to be shot to dead by a helicopter during a wild running by a slum in zande territory, where Mba is killed when he was going to kill Carlos. Locating finally his son Calixto Jr. and getting a treat to comeback Brussels with Susan, Carlos' try for reporting the happened will make him discover that there are realities more dirty than any remote African island country.

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