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Hunting For Fish_peliplat

Hunting For Fish (2020)

99 min  |  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Mystery

THE FILM EVENT OF 1998. REAL RETRO. REAL GRINDHOUSE. REAL INDEPENDENCE. REAL FILM. 22 years in the making comes - HUNTING FOR FISH. A fortune in diamonds has been stolen, one man has them and everyone wants them. They're all HUNTING FOR FISH. An ex-insurance fraud investigator turned thief, and her partner, a cocky black market dealer, are hired by a corrupt diamond jeweller to steal a fortune in diamonds from his own store in order to collect a hefty insurance claim. Before the job takes place the diamond jeweler enlists Wilson Fish, an elusive thief and con man, to help with the heist. What they don't know is that the conniving Wilson Fish has a plan of his own- to betray everyone and take the diamonds for himself. Armed with a 16mm Arriflex BL, a Nagra III with a Sennheiser 416 boom microphone, a few tungsten practical light bulbs and two four foot shiny boards powered by the magnificent Colorado sun, Lance Lucero began production on the ambitious micro-budgeted film HUNTING FOR FISH. The risks were high and the odds were against the production, but the movie Gods chose to smile on the production and the film was completed. This film is OLD SCHOOL. Just like all the films that inspired most filmmakers of today. Made in the tradition of the filmmakers we all idolize, such as, John Huston, Sergio Leone, Frances Ford Coppola, George Lucas, etc. The cinematic pallet is painted by saturation and grain structure.

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