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Toxic Tutu_peliplat

Toxic Tutu (2017)

82 min  |  Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Thirty-years after the release of THE TOXIC AVENGER, Mark Torgl resurfaces at a horror-fan Cosplay convention to reveal the reason for his prolonged obscurity. But before he can explain, Mark is abducted by masked gunmen. --- The convention erupts into chaos and a rumor mill swirls: Toxic waste found on the set of the original film. --- The substance is believed linked to: the deaths of innocent people; heightened sexual stimulation; rumors of Mark's disfigurement; and a toxic oasis located somewhere in the marshlands of New Jersey. --- In the midst of the search for Mark who is rescued by a group of fanatics, Lloyd Kaufman - mastermind of the cult-classic film -- goes missing. --- Mark realizes that the abductors are after more - the fertile source. And that he must get to the toxic oasis before they do. --- NYU colleague and filmmaker, Joe Nardelli is invited by Mark to document, on video, Mark's first time convention appearance and return to his fans. What emerges is a conspiracy between deviant sibling abductors. One who wants to seize the toxic oasis for the powerful contaminants it produces. And the other who is determined to destroy it. Mark is the target of their adverse intentions. --- An Almost True Story: TOXIC TUTU sheds light on a thirty-year shroud of secrecy surrounding the infamous TROMA production and Melvin's mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, it speculatively answers a question fans have been asking for decades: What really happened to their hero and beloved, Melvin the "Mop Boy", Mark Torgl following the release of THE TOXIC AVENGER?

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