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Mary Stevens, M.D._peliplat

Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933)

72 min  |  Drama, Mystery, Romance

Mary Stevens (Kay Francis) and her old friend Don Andrews (Lyle Talbot) graduate from medical school at the same time and decide to set up their respective medical offices in the same building. Mary builds her reputation despite many patients refusing to be treated by a woman. Don, however, starts dating Lois Cavanaugh (Thelma Todd), whose family is rich and influential, and neglects his practice for the privileges of a social life. Despite Mary's love for Don, he marries Lois and sets up a new office with a high-class clientele. He also gives Mary a new office right next to his; while she ends up making a name for herself in the medical community, Don begins to pilfer funds from his practice. Jealousy and mistrust drive Mary and Don apart, seemingly for good. Two years later, Mary, now a famous doctor, takes a much-needed vacation and runs into Don, who is on the lam from the authorities. Mary and Don have an affair and Don tries to get a divorce. Lois is willing but her father doesn't want the Cavanaugh name mixed up in any scandal. He clears Don's name and gets all charges against him dropped--on the condition that Don will not divorce Lois for at least six months. When Mary finds herself pregnant by Don and he's unable to marry her, she must decide whether to tell him or raise the child on her own; he can't divorce Lois and their baby dies while on the ship. Very harsh. Mary is caught in the act of suicide and saves a child in the final scene. Mary gains her confidence back and all is good.

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