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The Japon_peliplat
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The Japon (2019)

91 min  |  Adventure, Comedy

Following movies as King Ralph (1991), Los Japón is a comedy that starts with a tragedy: Emperor Satohito have died not having children nor heir to rule Japan. Forced the Japanese government to locate a possible descendant around the world to accept the throne, it finds in the archives an old history about Hasekura Tsunenaga, an Emperor Kanmu's nephew who in 1614 traveled Coria del Río, a little town of Sevilla (Andalusia; south to Spain), falling in love of a Sevillian woman and marrying her for never returning Japan. The investigation ends in Paco Japón, a 40 years old Sevillian syndicalist, atheist and republican anti-monarchical worried about the situation of his job partners in the car factory Kuruma where he works. Hidaka, Emperor Satohito's assistant, moves Spain to meet Paco in Coria del Río, where he lives with his wife Encarni, their teenage children (older Paqui and younger Fran) and Don Francisco, Encarni's father and Paco's father-in-law, hoping that Paco accepts the throne, but he rejects Hidaka taking wrongly as a bad joke. After a discussion with Encarni about to give a good life for them and their children, Paco accepts Hidaka's proposal and all the family move Tokyo for living in the Imperial Palace in order to accomplish Paco's new responsibility as Emperor. Therefore, troubles start from the beginning: Paco has serious limitations to learn Japanase's language and customs; Encarni learns about her poor influence and power as Empress at the same time she tries update the Japanese's inheritance laws for that Paqui and not Fran can be heir to the throne with help of her personal assistant Mariko; Paqui is a vain and whimsical girl that only wants money, luxury and fun, not interested in her role as princess; Fran passes the days trying to be a ninja with an instructor in martial arts; and finally Don Francisco cheats Paqui's ex boyfriend Curro for traveling Japan in the hope to recover Paqui, causing troubles in Tokyo time and time again. As if it wasn't enough, someone tries to kill Paco and Encarni to avoid their coronation, turning upside-down life in the Imperial Palace as anyone could be imagine.

Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge_peliplat
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Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge (2008)

315 min  |  Biography, Documentary

Much has been made of Moe, Larry and Curly - and rightly so - but Shemp Howard was a comic master too often overlooked, with a solo career that far outshone that of the other Stooges. Apart from costarring in many classic Three Stooges shorts, Shemp appeared opposite such fellow comic legends as W.C. Fields, Ed Wynn, Bert Lahr, and Abbott & Costello, as well as such luminaries as John Barrymore, William Powell, Jack Haley, and The Andrews Sisters. This long-overdue 2-disc spotlight on Shemp - one of the first and one of the last Stooges and brother of Moe and Curly Howard - contains two early '30s solo Shemp shorts; a trio of Shemp's Three Stooges shorts; a live TV Camel Comedy Caravan with Shemp, Larry, and Moe; the complete 1942 feature Private Buckaroo, starring Shemp and The Andrews Sisters; the 1949 feature Africa Screams, starring Abbott & Costello and Shemp - and more, including outtakes from Africa Screams and sequences from the 1935 drama Convention Girl, in which Shemp plays it straight as a smalltime hood! But the real treasure is a remarkable, revealing, and very intimate look at Shemp Howard's life and career featuring exclusive interviews with Shemp's daughter-in-law, Geri Howard Greenbaum; Geri's sister, Diane Silvers; and Shemp's granddaughter, Jill Howard Ullo. These touching, humorous and fascinating firsthand reminiscences are supplemented by rare, never-before-seen home movies, personal photos, and priceless memorabilia from Geri, Jill, and Shemp's second granddaughter (and namesake), Sandie Howard Isaac. A well-deserved salute that is a must for fans of the Three Stooges and classic comedy!

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