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70 Big Ones_peliplat

70 Big Ones (2018)

100 min  |  Thriller

2015. Raquel Crespo is woman from Bilbao (Basque Country, north to Spain) desperate to recover his little daughter Alba. Having to pay a bribery of 35,000 EUR (42,000 $) to a corrupt social services who works in child custody, Raquel goes to a bank named Nortcaja in the neighborhood of Santutxu to talk with the bank manager Elías for obtaining the money, offering her parents' house as endorsement in exchange for opening an bank account and finally get the 35,000 EUR loan. Accepting the terms, Elías talks with the bank teller Cristina to make the operation but seconds before to end it, two felonious named Jonan and Lola appear in the bank to make a robbery. Closing the bank, Jonan and Lola retain as hostages to Elías, Cristina, Raquel, young girls Iratxe and the Russian Daryna, Mikel the technical computer and Gregorio the bank guard. Hoping that the robbery be easy and obtaining a loot of 400,000 EUR (485,000 $), things complicate from the beginning: Toñín, a corrupt cop working as immigration officer who blackmails Daryna to give him money for not deporting her Russia, approaches the bank to watch if Daryna have the money required. Not knowing it, Jonan opens fire and kills Toñín in the middle of the plaza, causing a strong police operative of the Ertzaina (Basque Country's regional police) that surrounds the place. Lead by Carlos Garay and his partner Eva Domínguez, they two try to communicate with Jonan and Lola. Determined to all, Raquel offers herself as speaker, using her intelligence to send a secret key in her words. Unknown for Jonan and Lola, Carlos and Eva learns about the key, but things complicate again: veteran old-school Eratzaina Luis Ledesma questions Carlos and Eva scientist methods and Jonan is a drug addict each time more unbalanced. Asking Carlos for food and drinks, Lola forces fearful Iratxe to get it from the plaza where it was left, but she runs away to save herself. Noticing about robbers' limited intelligent, Raquel tries to calm them and she takes the food, in the hope to make a deal: she helps them to escape and they give her 70 "binladens" (70 bills of 500 EUR). But will can Raquel obtains the money before it be too much late to recover Alba? Will get Carlos and Eva to catch Jonan and Lola before they kill all the hostages?

A Normal World_peliplat

A Normal World (2020)

103 min  |  Drama

In 2020 Madrid, Ernesto Caral, a sarcastic loudmouthed fortysomething theater director is trapped in a middle-age crisis: after splitting with his domestic partner Julia, he moves to a new floor with their smart teenage daughter Cloe. Ernesto belongs to a clan of artists: his mother Carolina was an actress, his brother Max is a concert pianist, and Cloe is a talented painter (who wants to be a lawyer). Ernesto divides his time between finding a new project to recover his fallen-into-disgrace career, and caring for his aged mother. Worried as a number of her friends die in a short time, Carolina forces Ernesto to promise that after she dies, he'll take her corpse to her birth town in Altea, Alicante, Valencia, and throw it into the sea. While he's reluctantly filming a TV series to solve his money troubles, he takes a bad-news call from Max: Carolina has died suddenly of a heart attack. Devastated with the loss and doubtful he can keep his promise, Ernesto finally steals the hearse during the funeral service and calls Cloe who, aware of the promise, determines to make the trip with Ernesto. While Max warns the funeral company and they call the police, Cloe and Ernesto start a long road trip of 479 km (about 297 miles) where the different secrets and troubles from the past collide not only between father and daughter but a troubled Max, always cared for by his boyfriend Iván, who feels himself as a fraud by his career as pianist, playing others' songs instead of his own. While the police sends an APB to catch Ernesto, he must face the life he lived and his fragile relationship with Cloe, who is still resentful about her parents' split. The father/daughter journey is an unforgettable and very touching odyssey for both.

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