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If I Were Rich Man_peliplat

If I Were Rich Man (2019)

98 min  |  Comedy

In Gijón, Principality of Asturias (northern Spain), Santi is a down-on-his-luck 30-something who was fired a year ago from his factory job, and Maite, his wife of 9 years, is filing for divorce. Now he lives in his van waiting for a job that never comes, and passes his days with his best friends Marcos--happily-married father-of-two--and Pedro, a single gas-station worker who lives with his mother and dreams of being a ladies' man. Trying to have a moment of peace, Santi and friends go to a class reunion and discover that former classmate Mario is now successful--and Maite's new boss in the supermarket Todoymás (Allandmore) where she works. After a bitter visit to the lawyers with Maite to regularize the divorce, Santi decides to buy a lotto ticket as a last hope to change his luck. The next day, a surprised Santi learns on the radio that the ticket has been prized with 25 million EUR (27 million dollars) and goes to the bank to take the money, but fearing to be exposed to the public eye he runs from the bank. However, bank manager Damián approaches Santi to advise about how to manage the 25 millions, where Santi discovers unwelcome news: due to the conditions of his and Maite's marriage, she has a right to half the prize. Unwilling to lose 12.5 millions to her, he starts to spend the money in secret, enjoying all kinds of luxuries, while openly pretending to be poor. In an act of goodwill, Maite gets Santi an interview with Mario for a stockman job. Santi uses part of his money trying to better the lives of Marcos and Pedro, with disastrous consequences, also failing in his attempts to reconcile with Maite. Then by chance Santi finds out about Mario's real intentions with Todoymás. Can Santi fix all the troubles that the money caused before it's too late?

The Honey Pot_peliplat

The Honey Pot (1967)

150 min  |  Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Wealthy Cecil Fox, locally known as a major patron of Venice, has placed a worldwide advertisement for a personal secretary. Of the many qualified applicants, one of the few he calls in and who he ultimately hires is highly unqualified struggling Hollywood actor William McFly, who is well aware that based on the salary listed that Fox does not really want a personal secretary but a person for a totally different job description. That job, as Fox describes to him in simple terms, is to be the stage manager of a play to take place in his palazzo, Fox, McFly himself, and three unwitting others to be the actors in what those unwitting three will believe to be real life, as such McFly will have to use his acting skills to improvise based on what the three others do. In the guise that he is on his deathbed, Fox has called back into his life three former lovers, each who believes that Fox is going to bequeath his entire vast estate to her, only to find that each is in competition with the other two unknown to them before their arrival. Despite none of the three really needing the money, each woman does arrive as requested and seemingly wants the money. The three are: Texas matron Lone Star Sheridan née Crockett, French Princess Dominique, and fading Hollywood actress Merle McGill. Added to the mix is Mrs. Sheridan's personal registered nurse, proper Brit Sarah Watkins, who, in addition to monitoring Mrs. Sheridan's intake of barbiturate sleeping pills, is more the "maintainer" of her high maintenance employer. As each of the four women works toward her own personal ends in this situation, McFly tries to figure out Fox's endgame, which he knows is more than playing a joke on his former lovers, and which he may be able to use for his own benefit if he does figure it out.

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