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Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer_peliplat

Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer (2018)

93 min  |  Crime, Drama

This police/court room drama is based on actual information on Dr. Kermit Gosnell (played by Earl Billings) who for decades ran a Philadelphia inner-city abortion clinic. In 2010, Philadelphia Police Detectives Wood (Dean Cain) and Stark (Alfonzo Rachel), with DEA and FBI agents, raid the clinic for evidence of illegal prescription drug sales. They are shocked by the clinic's filthy conditions, bags of aborted fetuses in hallways, and fetal body parts stored in a refrigerator. Interviewing clinic workers, they learn: patients are given anesthesia by untrained assistants; one patient died on the operating table from an anesthesia overdose; abortions were performed on babies older than 24 weeks; and some babies were delivered alive, after which Dr. Gosnell cut their spinal cord with scissors. The detectives take the bagged bodies to the coroner and bring the situation to the attention of DA Dan Molinari (Michael Beach). An Assistant DA (Sara Jane Morris) agrees to prosecute the murder case. Getting a warrant, they search Gosnell's home for missing files and other evidence and discover a large amount of cash (the required method of payment for Gosnell's services). In 2013, the DA's office brings Gosnell to trial on murder charges. Gosnell hires an experienced defense attorney (Nick Searcy, who also directs the film) who defends Gosnell as performing a service to minority women. The DA's prosecutor obtains compelling testimony and photos from one of Gosnell's young assistants. The jury deliberates for 10 days before offering their verdict.

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