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Dog Days (2018)

113 min  |  Comedy, Drama, Romance

Los Angeles, California is the main and heartwarming scenario where life and fate interconnect five different stories as well as their characters with their respective canine pets: Elizabeth is a famous newscaster of a morning TV show; after a disastrous interview with former basketball player Jimmy, Elizabeth's boss decides to contract Jimmy as co-host due to the high ratings of the interview. On another side of the city, Tara is a coffee-shop server who passes her days talking with her shallow dog-walker friend Daisy. Tara, who is crazy about friendly but full-of-himself vet Dr. Mike, one day meets Garrett, the eccentric, shy owner of an animal-care center who is unable to tell Tara that he loves her. Grace and Kurt are a married couple made nervous by the arrival of their first adopted child Amelia; they note that she doesn't seem happy with her new home and her new parents. Dax is a teen in an adult body, leader of aspiring rock band Frunk; after visiting his pregnant sister Ruth and her husband Greg, he's forced to keep Ruth's dog, although the building where he lives doesn't allow dogs. Finally Walter, an aging, lonely widower, loses his pet when it escapes from his hand, receiving the unexpected help of a pizza-delivery boy named Tyler to find it. As time moves on, things get complicated for everyone: Elizabeth and Jimmy start to feel attracted to each other, making their work more difficult, especially after Elizabeth discovers that Jimmy has been hired for a more important job on another channel. Tara accepts Garrett's offer to work as volunteer in his animal-care center at the same time she starts to date Dr. Mike; meanwhile Garrett learns that the owner of the building has sold it and he'll lose the center. Amelia finds Walter's dog, which makes her happy, but Grace and Kurt fear that one day Amelia will lose her new friend if the owner appears; Dax is caring for Ruth's dog, although eventually it starts to put order in his life, even as it creates trouble to hide it from his neighbors. Walter decides use his formation as teacher to help Tyler with his academic studies, preparing exams for some of Tyler's teachers as Kurt. Tara's decision to organize a concert to raise funds to save Garrett's animal-care center will cause all of the stories to converge, revealing that life, fate, and dogs are more related than anyone can imagine.

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