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Charlotte Corday (1914)

Drama, History

In the magnificent grounds surrounding her home in Normandy, Charlotte Corday and Barbaroux are happy in their love-making, unwarned of the stormy events that fate has decreed should end their dreams. Marat, the leader of the French revolutionists, having plotted the death of the King, arrives at the home of Charlotte. Her beauty attracts his fancy, and finding her in love with Barbaroux, he tells them of his plans for the wholesale slaughter of the French nobility, and by cleverly insinuating that both Charlotte and her lover may be included in the list of those to be executed unless they embrace the cause of the revolution, he succeeds in inducing Barbaroux to accompany him to Paris. A year later, the revolution is at its height. The aristocrats are being brought to the guillotine by the thousands, and Barbaroux, expressing his disgust of outrages committed by Marat, is overheard by Danton, who betrays him to Marat. Barbaroux, hearing that Marat has ordered his arrest, escapes under a mass of rubbish in a cart, and is pursued by the soldiers. Charlotte, in reading her Bible, feels called upon by a Divine command to do something to restore peace to unhappy France, and sets out for Paris; on the road she is attacked by a mob of peasants. Later she meets the cart in which Barbaroux is escaping just as it breaks down, and Barbaroux emerges from hiding under the rubbish. They are clasped in an embrace as Marat's soldiers arrive and take Barbaroux a prisoner. Marat, hearing that Charlotte was seen on the road, orders the soldiers to find her, but she avoids them, and later while addressing the multitude from his balcony, Marat sees Charlotte in the crowd. Fearing to point her out lest the mob mistake it for an order to do her harm, he stops his speech and hastens down to get her himself, but she has disappeared. Charlotte, witnessing the guillotine, is horrified. She writes a note to Barbaroux, telling him of her determination to do a big deed to help restore peace. She allows the prison guard to kiss her in exchange for a promise to deliver the note to her love, and Marat, arriving a moment later, takes the note from the guard's hand, and discovering it is from Charlotte, goes to Barbaroux's cell and promises him his liberty if he will tell where Charlotte can be found. Barbaroux, unable to give the information, is brutally beaten. Marat, feeling, that the purpose mentioned in Charlotte's note is a vengeance about to fall upon him, is terror stricken, and in his panic is confronted by the vision of the people he has executed. The next day, Charlotte goes to Marat's house. Marat signs two orders, one for the immediate release and one for the immediate execution of Barbaroux. Showing them to Charlotte, he tells her she is the price of the one for his release. Charlotte pretends to agree to his terms, and Marat, after destroying the death warrant, calls upon Charlotte to embrace him, which she does, and at the same time kills him with a dagger which she had concealed under her cloak. Danton entering at that moment arrests Charlotte, and finds the order of release. Barbaroux is set free. Believing her mission fulfilled and that in causing the death of one man she had saved the lives of thousands. Charlotte mounts the scaffold and gives up her life that quiet may again reign in France.


Millennium (1996)

45 min  |  Thriller, Crime, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Mystery  |  S3E22

After recovering from a serious mental breakdown, former top FBI profiler Frank Black, who has a strange gift that lets him see how a killer's mind works, returns to his hometown of Seattle with his wife Catherine, a clinical social worker who mostly works with victimized children, and their lovable little daughter Jordan, the two people Frank cares about the most in the world, to work as a consultant for the mysterious Millennium Group, a secretive private organization that hires experts to mostly hunt down serial killers obsessed with doomsday prophecies. Frank's partners include Peter Watts, a friend from the Group who serves as his handler, Frank's old friend Lt. Bob 'Bletch' Bletcher from the Seattle Police Department and sympathetic SPD detective Bob Giebelhouse, who also occasionally asks for Frank's help. In season 2, Frank partners up and befriends with the group's latest recruit, Lara Means, a young woman troubled by a gift similar to Frank's. In season 3, Frank partners up with the young dedicated FBI agent Emma Hollis who wants to prove herself to him, which sometimes backfires on her. Most of the cases Frank works on involve killers, lunatics, conspirators and amoral people with criminal intent. However, Frank, who does not believe in the supernatural, must also deal on occasion with those who may or may not be of an actual demonic or angelic nature and not simply evil. Frank's loyalties end up being tested time and time again by both the other-worldly and the Group, which itself seems to be obsessed with the upcoming end of the millennium.


Sleepers (1996)

147 min  |  Thriller, Crime, Drama

As children, Lorenzo Carcaterra - Shakes to his friends - Michael Sullivan, Tommy Marcano, and John Reilly were inseparable. They grew up in Hell's Kitchen, a far from perfect neighborhood, one filled as Shakes says with scams and shake downs, but one where the rules were known and easily understood by its residents. The one adult who they admired was Father Bobby Carelli, who understood them as kids more than most adults and more than he himself would like to admit. In 1967, their lives would change forever when a typical teenage prank went wrong which led to the four of them being sentenced to various terms at Wilkinson Home for Boys, a reformatory. There, they were physically, emotionally and sexually abused primarily by Sean Nokes, the predatory lead guard of their cell block, and fellow guards Ralph Ferguson, Henry Addison, and Adam Styler, although there were other decent figures of authority at the home, including a few other guards. Their time at the home affected the four, not all who were able to emerge from the experience to regroup their lives. In their want to forget about the experience, they made a vow not to talk about it either between themselves or with others. Fast forward thirteen years, with Tommy and Johnny being career criminals, Michael an assistant district attorney and Shakes a newspaper writer, their friendship on the surface more loose than it was when they were children. When Tommy and John unexpectedly spot Nokes at a local restaurant, it leads to Shakes and Michael banding together to exact revenge not only on Nokes but all four of the guards who abused them. Michael had long mapped out a plan even before Tommy and John saw Nokes, but that sighting and its aftermath alters the plan. Beyond the precarious position Tommy and John place themselves into, Michael has the most to lose even if the plan succeeds. Most of the plan implementation is left to Shakes who has to enlist the machine of Hell's Kitchen, including mob boss King Benny, and their childhood friend, social worker Carol Martinez, who currently is John's girlfriend. Beyond co-opting aging lawyer Danny Snyder, who admits he may not be the best choice as an alcoholic who is no longer near the top of his game, the plan is threatened by a key piece, the need for an unreproachable figure to perjure him or herself, that person who Michael and Shakes hopes will be Father Bobby. Father Bobby, even if he knew of the abuse, may not be able to do his friends this enormous favor of an illegal nature, he who has to balance the morality of the situation in his own mind in deciding what to do.

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