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El dulce sabor del éxito_peliplat

El dulce sabor del éxito (2021)

75 min  |  Documentary

"El dulce sabor del éxito" is a poetic journey about the sweetness of success. But do we really comprehend success? Filmed in the charming district of Lavapiés in the heart of Madrid, the film counts with the participation of figures such as tenor Plácido Domingo, actress Rossy de Palma, philosophers Fernando Savater and Javier Sádaba, representatives of the artistic world such as photographer Alberto García-Alix, artist Pilar Albarracín, comedian Leo Bassi, director of Teatro de la Zarzuela Daniel Bianco and his institutional support and singer/actor Enrique R. Del Portal. Also participating in the documentary are personalities from the world of science and psychology from global TED Talks, such as psychiatrist Martin Seligman, Harvard University professor Nancy Etcoff, motivational lecturer Victor Küppers and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, as well as psychologist Tania Evans, director of the Research Center on Values -CIVSEM- Miguel Ángel Velázquez or figures with a wide impact on media such as youtuber JPelirrojo. María Teresa Paniagua made a career as a singer of Zarzuela at the time, and is the Spanish version of Rome's poet Vergil in this film that guides audiences in this inspiring journey. She is a unique, energetic and explosive character, and her positive attitude penetrates unwittingly our conscience to make us reflect on the authenticity of our lives. This documentary tries to be a balm for the spirit.

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