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Saint John of Las Vegas (2009)

85 min  |  Comedy, Drama

John Alighieri, formerly of Las Vegas, now works as a claims adjuster for Townsend Insurance LLC in Albuquerque. John used to think he was lucky, but now doesn't, which is why he, a gambler, moved away from Vegas to wherever his car would take him. That move, however, didn't cure his gambling addiction as he has turned instead to scratch and win tickets. The one lucky thing he sees in his current life is sitting in the next cubicle to Jill, to who he is attracted, she who most secretly know is sleeping with Mr. Townsend. When John goes into Mr. Townsend's office to ask for a raise, John walks out of the office instead with a new job/promotion: fraud investigator, working alongside the senior man in the position, Virgil. John's first case with Virgil is to investigation an automobile accident claim, which includes personal injury, made by a stripper with the stage name Tasty D Lite, who says that she was rear ended out in the middle of the desert which Virgil does not believe looking at the claim on paper. John will find that working with Virgil means that Virgil has total control of what they do, from who questions who, where they go, and how much he will allow John in expenses regardless of the actual policy. John and Virgil will meet an odd assortment of characters as they travel the US southwest trying to find the vehicles and people involved in or having witnessed the purported accident, all the while John tries to initiate a relationship with Jill over the telephone. The one thing John may not be willing to do but that is seemingly required for this case is to go to Las Vegas, where the temptation may once again take over his life. If he does end up going back to Vegas, he will probably test if Lady Luck is still eluding him.

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