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Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence_peliplat

Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence (2018)

83 min  |  Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Joanna Darrow is adjusting to life with her daughter and granddaughter, Claire and Lou Darrow, and working at Claire's law firm, Darrow and Darrow, which Joanna herself founded with her long deceased husband, but she is still strategizing on how to get back to working at a high powered New York law firm and getting revenge on those who orchestrated the false insider trading charges against her. Through her burgeoning relationship with "Coach" Reed, Lou's baseball coach, the two who are not an obvious match on the surface, Joanna may get a different perspective on her future plans. Claire too is adjusting to her relationship with Assistant DA Miles Strasberg, she still reluctant even to use the word "date" to describe what they're doing. Their relationship will hit a new test when he will sit next to her versus sitting at the opposing table in the courtroom when he, taking a leave from his DA job, and she are asked by his longtime friend, Police Officer Roy Wingreen, to look into one of his old cases from a year ago that led to what he believes was the wrongful conviction against now incarcerated Laura Graham for murdering her husband, Tom Graham, the two who Laura readily admits were having troubles in their marriage. On the night of Tom's purported death, Laura claims she received a kidnap ransom call that was from Tom's phone, the "kidnapper" never having called again. Above some blood stained evidence, an impartial bystander identified Laura as being at what is considered the murder site, Tom's boat, at the time he would have been killed. That assumption of location and time of death is purely that, an assumption, as Tom's body was never discovered, the theory being that Laura weighed down his dead body and threw it into the water. Upon talking to Laura, Claire does increasingly believe she not the murderer - Claire's emerging theory being that Tom is still alive and had faked his own death - while Miles, still having that prosecutorial mentality, sees the evidence for what it is. As Claire and Miles work through the case, they may find that Tom's debt-riddled personal financial situation, and a new $3 million embezzlement investigation at his old firm, Capital Investment Guild, may be keys to what happened to him. Especially with that personal debt, Claire believes she can use Tom's prized possession - a vintage baseball bat from the 1870s, the bat, worth tens of thousands, still sitting in its clear display case in the Graham house - against him.

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