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Instinto (2019)

47 min  |  Drama, Mystery  |  S1E8

Marco (Mario Casas) is a young businessman who manages one of the most successful technological companies in the world, ALVA, which has just launched its latest prototype into the market: CYCLONE, an electric car propelled by turbines that turn wind into energy. His friend and classmate Diego works with him; Diego's wife Bárbara is the company's efficient marketing manager. Eva, an ambitious young engineer who has much to hide, joins their team, disrupting the balance at work, both emotionally and professionally, between the two business partners. Despite being popular, Marco, unlike Diego, doesn't have an exciting social life; he's a solitary man and nobody has access to the intimacy of his soul--except his psychologist Sara, on whom he is emotionally dependent. Marco is haunted by a huge number of ghosts from his past and, although he tries hard to scare them away, he only finds comfort in sport and in frequenting a private club. People go there just to get pleasure and give free reign to their wildest erotic fantasies, without fear of falling in love, as everyone must hide their faces with masks. But everything changes when Marco meets Carol, the new educational psychologist who looks after his brother José, an 18-year-old autistic lad, with whom he has a difficult relationship. With her, he will also meet his worst enemy: himself. Thanks to her, he will discover that it is never too late to love, even if it brings some pain along with it.

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