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Some Time Later_peliplat

Some Time Later (2018)

99 min  |  Comedy, Sci-Fi

Distant future. The year is 9177, century up, century down, and the entire world has been reduced to a single skyscraper in the middle of a desert in the middle of nowhere. In this Representative Building live the elite of the society and the living forces of it, composed by the absent-minded king, the mayor, his chief of staff, and beauty girl Méndez, the two remaining civil guards Don Antonio and Morris, the two remaining police, Arriondas and Pozueco, the only remaining Admiral Pacheco, hairdressers Justo and Agustín, bartender Pastrana, an old shepherd, priest Father Mirraño, friar Fray Vicente, nun Sor Sacramento, and janitor Eufemiano. In a dense forest outside the Building live the rest of the world in a camp full of poverty and empty of resources. In this depressive place lives José María, a rude man who dreams of selling the tasty lemonade he makes. But when he moves to the Building, he is stopped by Eufemiano, who meets the mayor looking to warn him about the anti-natural that an unemployed has a job. In the Building things are complicated: Justo, tired of not having clients in his barber shop due to the fame of Agustín and his poems, kills Agustín dominated by the jealousy, but the king absolves Justo of the crime and he blames José María by simple caprice. Denying the guilt, José María resists arrest and returns to the Building to sell lemonade, where he meets Méndez, who examines the lemons to test the quality. When the king decrees that Méndez has been chosen to be the mother of a future prince to continue the dynasty, Méndez joins José María and his best friend Galbarriato, who falls in love with her, in a riot about the rights of the unemployed in the camp. While Justo is visited by Agustín's ghost, Fray Vicente and Sor Sacramento join the revolution and Don Antonio and Morris try to balance the situation in an attempt at peace, José María, Galbarriato, and Méndez start the revolution of the camp against the Building, but the king has an idea to suffocate the riot in the most unexpected way.

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