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Kanmani (2018)

22 min  |  Drama  |  S1E536

Kanmani is a family drama. From his childhood, Kannan is hopelessly in love with Soundarya, his sister Vijayalakshmi's daughter. After completing her studies and after being occupied for some time in Russia, Soundraya returns to India with Akash, her boyfriend. Soundarya falls in love with Akash during working in Russia. Soundarya and Akash love each other. Soundarya's main objective of returning to her hometown was to unite with her boyfriend Akash,(through marriage)by convincing her parents. Soundarya informs Kannan about her love with Akash. But Kannan misunderstands Soundarya. Soundarya thinks that Kannan had been listening to her ,and she leaves with confidence,that Kannan will help her love with Akash. Though Kannan and Soundarya get engaged amidst huge drama, his happiness is short-lived when he learns that Soundarya is in love with her collegemate, Aakash. Kannan sacrifices his love for Soundarya's love and walks out from the marriage hall on his wedding with Soundarya. He is thrown out of his home by Vijayalakshmi's sisters in law and their families, because of refusing to marry Soundarya at the last moment (wedding day) . Then he returns and reveals to his family that Soundarya and Akash are in love. His sister and brother in law apologize to him and make arrangements for Soundarya and Akash's wedding. Akash's mother comes from Russia for the wedding and takes an instant dislike to Kannan because she thinks Kannan is in love with her daughter in law and might elope with her anytime. She doubts Kannan so much ,because of the wrong ideas she develops on Kannan's attitude. She also requests Kannan ,that he shouldn't be in the wedding hall during the Thirumangalya tharanam.(the wedding ). Kannan accepts her request and proceeds with great sorrow. The wedding day arrives, Akash's mother sees Kannan inside the wedding hall and yells at him. But Kannan pleads her to let him do the "muraimaman seer" tradition,and he says that he will leave the hall after that. Then being dissatisfied with Kannan, she commands Dharmadurai and Vijayalakshmi to send Kannan out of the wedding hall. Although Dharmadurai shows dislike Kannan is convinced by Vijayalakshmi and is sent out of the Wedding hall. Soundarya who is not satisfied with Akash's mother's behaviour since she doubted on Kannan and showed a great dislike to him, looks for Kannan at the wedding hall. She waits for Kannan's muraimaman seer, Then she finds out from Vanathy (Dharmathurai 's brother's daughter) that Kannan has been sent out from the wedding hall by her mother in law to be. With great rage she goes out from the hall in search of Kannan. She finds Kannan at the Temple ,and bothers him to come to the wedding hall, although Kannan refuses. Soundarya convinces Kannan, and he is brought to the wedding hall by Soundarya. Seeing this Akash's mother decides to take Akash with her to Russia again..She drags Akash from the wedding hall and goes out of the hall with him. This is stopped by Kannan. When Akash gets ready to tie the knot[mangalyam], he is stopped by his angry mother. She blackmails Akash that she will drink poison if he marries Soundarya. Seeing this, Akash rushes towards her mother, and he is taken out of the wedding hall by his mother. The wedding is stopped again. Seeing this Dharmadurai gets a heart attack and he collapses. After Dharmadurai is admitted to the hospital, Soundarya feels sad for what she has done and apologises to everyone while he undergoes a heart operation and is discharged. Later, Dharmadurai talks to Soundarya and tells her that it was not her mistake. Soundarya remains upset for several days and avoids talking to anyone. Amist Akash keeps on calling Soundarya and she is still his love interest, but Soundarya avoids his calls and hides from everyone that he is still calling her. Inorder to get away from Akash and divert her mind she speaks to Kannan and asks his permission if she can join work? Kannan in return supports her and tells her that she can join some company and work there in their village itself. Soundarya gets a job in a Dairy Production company as a Marketing Manager, unexpectedly Akash joins the same company in her team. Akash tries to convince Sondarya but she avoids him. At this point of time we're introduced to a new family compromising of an elderly farmer Veeraiyan, his 2 daughters - elder one being Muthuselvi younger one Thangaselvi. It's revealed that Muthuchelvi got into a tiff with a thug called Maayan (who harassed her friend) in her village and because of threats from him, she and her family are forced to seek refuge under Kannan's family. Kannan gives her accommodation and things take a turn as Muthu slowly falls in love with Kannan. At one point of time, Kannan arranges her wedding with a person known to him and arrangements are being carried on even as Muthu isn't happy about her wedding but isn't able to reveal her love to Kannan. Meanwhile, Sowndarya's brothers in law and their moms who hate Muthu and her family malign her reputation anonymously in the village saying she and Kannan are in a relationship. This angers Kannan and he promises to wed Muthu, much to her happiness. They're even engaged in front of the village. But as time progresses, Muthu realizes that Kannan is and will never love her because he has a place only for Sowndarya in his heart. She creates unnecessary drama so as to show her in bad light so that Kannan hates her and calls off the wedding himself. One day, Muthu creates a big issue and summons Dharmadurai to the village panchayat. This causes further friction in her relationship with Kannan and he ends up slapping her. He even says he'll never wed her. In the midst of all this, Kumaresan has a concubine in the village and is forced to give her money to keep her shut because she's pregnant with his child. He uses this opportunity to steal the jewels which Kannan had earlier brought for the supposed wedding with Muthu and gives it to her. This is noticed by the girl's brother in law who again steals one of the jewels and goes to sell it. The jewelry shop owner is doubtful of the jewel belonging to a poor guy, questions him. The brother in law who's drunk at that time blubbers that it was Kumaresan who gave the jewels to the concubine(the brother in law's wife's sister). The store owner who happens to be a close aide of Dharmadurai, calls him up and reveals everything. Angered, Dharmadurai takes Kumaresan alone and questions him which at one point turns into a violent altercation. Suddenly Dharmadurai gasps for breathing and needs to be given medicines. Kumaresan knowing that if Dharmadurai is alive he'll be in trouble, purposely stops him from having the medicine which results in his death which shatters all. Using this opportunity, Krishnaveni threatens Rajadurai (brother of Dharmadurai) to take over as the head of the family so as to stop Kannan doing so. Without any go, Rajadurai accepts it and announces Kannan's wedding with Soundarya. Everyone is shocked but accept the decision nevertheless. Krishnaveni even manipulates her husband to get their daughter Valarmathi married to Akash since she's madly in love with him. Preparations going on are on for both the weddings in full swing. Kannan, being so much in love with Soundarya, helps her in all the wedding purchases, much to the dismay of Valarmathi who thinks Akash isn't intimate with her because she assumes he is still in love with Soundarya. Meanwhile, Akash's mother and Krishnaveni decide to stop Kannan-Soundarya's wedding by poisoning him before the muhurtham. Instead, in a confusion, Akash's mother ends up in having the poisoned drink and is hospitalized in a critical condition. Despite his mother's situation, Akash forces Kannan to get ahead with the wedding because Soundarya's wedding has earlier got stopped twice. Amidst much problems, both the couple are married. On the wedding night, Kannan and Soundarya are very much happy with each other. Whereas Akash who still disturbed with his mom's condition, refuses to share the intimate moments with Valar. Valar, without understanding his situation, talks so harshly that he ends up slapping her and goes off to sleep. In order to revenge this, Valar gets away from the house the next morning to kill herself. Kannan and Akash who realize that she's missing, find her and rescue her. Valar refuses to understand Akash.

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