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O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes (2015)

86 min  |  Crime, Documentary

Through exclusive access to O.J. extensive deposition testimony, and exclusive interviews with the key insiders, O.J. SPEAKS tells the story of what it took to finally bring O.J. down. When O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder in a Los Angeles criminal court in October 1995 - at the end of the notorious "Trial of the Century" - families of the victims thought all hope of getting justice was lost. For Fred Goldman, father of murder victim Ron Goldman, the verdict was especially tough. But from their grief, Fred and his daughter Kim, found another avenue to pursue Simpson. They would join the family of Nicole Brown Simpson in filing a civil lawsuit for the wrongful deaths of Ron and Nicole. Even though a verdict in the Goldman's favor would not put Simpson behind bars, it would be what the family wanted more than anything else - for a court of law to hold the former NFL star responsible for the slayings. Fred and Kim knew they were in over their heads in the legal morass of a civil suit, so they began their search for the right attorney to help them pursue justice. By luck, they stumbled across Dan Petrocelli, a terrific civil lawyer, but one who had never tried anything close to a wrongful death case. The Goldmans believed in Petrocelli's passion and decided he was the right person to go after Simpson. Petrocelli told Fred and Kim that there was one major difference between a criminal case and a civil case. In a criminal case, Simpson did not have to testify. In a civil lawsuit the rules were different. Simpson would, for the first time, have to answer questions under oath about his possible involvement in the double homicide. Under the harsh and unrelenting questioning of Daniel Petrocelli, Simpson's own words revealed an O.J. Simpson who had woven a web of lies and who clearly believed that he was above the law. Told through Simpson's own words in his deposition tapes, this is the story of how the Goldman family and their unlikely choice for an attorney took on one of the nation's biggest celebrities, forced him to talk about his possible involvement in the killings, and dragged him into a different kind of trial - one which Fred Goldman described as being about the law and not about theatrics. It was a trial in which celebrity had no currency - a trial in which O.J.'s own words ultimately proved his responsibility for the double murder finally bringing justice to Fred Goldman and the Brown family.

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