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Action, Fantasy

Since the dawn of time, Destroyer has battled Creator for the control of the seven dimensions. One by one, Destroyer has tipped the scale of good toward evil and assimilated each dimension into a device of power called the Heartstone, creating a dimension in his own image. Our dimension is the last free world, and it is the battleground for the greatest war the world has ever known. Mackenzie Wrighton is a 20 year old college student who has always been a dreamer. Feeling stuck in life and confused about the future, he is amazed as he begins to uncover the hidden war around him. As his world begins to change, Mackenzie discovers a secret buried deep within him. He is the chosen one...destined to face Destroyer. He is a Stormbreaker. Blessed with supernatural powers and weapons, Mackenzie must unite Creator's warriors against Destroyer's fiends before the scale tips and our dimension is pulled into the Heartstone. Along his quest, Mackenzie finds love, loss, adventure, and betrayal along with a secret that will shake the very foundation of creation itself. Described as The Matrix meets Constantine and the Lord of the Rings, Stormbreaker is a modern fantasy brimming with originality. Warriors battle on the streets of New York City in slowed time against creatures of darkness. Sword fights flash across the rooftops of the skyscrapers. From the streets of the city to the underwater grottos of prophecy, Stormbreaker will take you on an action packed thrill ride of imagination and magic, and leave you breathless.

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