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Dick (1999)

94 min  |  Comedy

In current day, Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have still not revealed the identity of Deep Throat, their source that led to them breaking the story of the Watergate scandal and the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Rewind to June 17, 1972. Friends Betsy Jobs and Arlene Lorenzo are typical fifteen year olds whose minds are preoccupied with boys, especially of the teen heartthrob variety. Arlene, who lives in the Watergate complex with her single mother, has invited Betsy over this evening to prepare Arlene's "Win a Date with Bobby Sherman" contest entry. Wandering around the complex that evening, they see a man who they don't recognize. On a class field trip to the White House the following day, they see the same man in the White House who they sort of recognize but don't know from where. He, G. Gordon Liddy, afraid that they can tie him to the Watergate break-in, decides to take decisive measures to deal with them. In this administrative high level maneuvering, Betsy and Arlene meet the President himself. To keep an eye on them, Nixon - or Dick as they are allowed to call him - hires them first to walk Checkers, then as youth policy advisors, all in unofficial capacities, and the latter job in name only that is unless he feels the need to institute a policy they recommended just to placate them. But the more that they have access to the White House as a collective, the more they may truly be exposed to the illegal goings-on by the administration. The question becomes if they are astute enough to recognize what they are seeing - they more used to fixating on the likes of Sherman - and know what to do with the information.

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