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SommerHundeSöhne (2004)

96 min  |  Comedy

Frank is in his early 30s, still lives with his mother and uncle and is therefore dependent. He suffers from various little real and imagined illnesses and is basically a mother's boy. Marc is the exact opposite, a rude and unscrupulous daredevil. He doesn't ask, he acts. One day Frank is in the motor home with his mother and uncle. When resting, he is alone in the vehicle and tries to cover a short distance. He confuses forward and reverse and rams the little crook Marc's motorcycle. Frank offers immediate repairs and damage, of course, but Marc doesn't have time for that. He believes he killed someone during an argument and is on the run. He therefore took possession of the motor home without further delay. Frank grows beyond himself and accompanies Marc so as not to lose the camper for good. Marc wants to go to Morocco to see his father, who supposedly owns an oasis there. Along the way, the two become more familiar with each other, and Frank begins to find the unusual freedom interesting. Against his habit, Marc is also becoming more accessible. The two get to know each other and gradually become friends. They even take turns driving. Turning around is no longer an option. During one of the encounters on the side of the road, Frank falls in love with Ilvy, which Marc doesn't like. He finally wants to arrive. The strange "finder" Pauli also stops the trip, and an unknown pursuer is looking for the motor home. The still fresh friendship is put to the test. Eventually, the unequal friends reach their goal, and if possible, everything will be fine.

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