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Straight Place and Show (1938)

68 min  |  Comedy, Musical

According to the scribes at a big movie studio with Fox in its logo, it is the big season at the track. While some of the boys are not doing so well it is rumored that the Ritz brothers are to make a big killing on a hay-burner named "Playboy,". Now it is also rumored that the nag is owned by Barbara Drake. It is further mused around that she has a rich father who goes by the moniker of Mr. Drake. However, he is otherwise known to all and sundry as 'The Grump' as he is always ready to share his disposition with any unlucky citizen that may wander by. Barbara is sweet on a guy named Denny who is an all-around good citizen, who also likes Barbara in return. Barbara is jealous of a torch singer named Linda. Denny does not care to run in competition with any hay-burner and makes it plain that he has no intentions to share his girl's ever-loving affection with "Playboy." Denny wagers Barbara that her horse will not win a race in three months. If he does Denny will build him a stable right off their bedroom but if he fails to win, she has to give him "Playboy." "Playboy" is entered in many races and not only does he not win he doesn't even break a sweat. Denny gives "Playboy" to the Ritzies, and this irritates Barbara. But the Ritzies do not have the money to enter "Playboy" in the big Southbury Sweepstakes, and Linda seeks to buy an interest in "Playboy." The brothers have promised Denny they will not sell the horse to her, but they have a counter-offer.

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