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Codicia (2018)

176 min  |  Action, Adventure, Drama, History

This film capitalizes on greed, a story of political greed, materialistic greed, and emotional greed. Julius Cooper (Daevon Lee) must save his diseased and dying wife, Heaven (Kristin Mayer) Julius sets out on a journey to claim the fortune and buy a medical cure. He comes across the owner of a mine company, Nolan Carter (Benjamin Waddell) at the Carter and Count mining company. Nolan employs Julius and sends him off to a dangerous gold mine. When he reaches the mine, Julius meets Joshua Cole (Andrew Toro) and Tanner Louis (Cody Buzby) two brotherly con-men hoping to strike it rich in the mine. After a few days, tension grows between Julius and Tanner after some racial disputes, with Joshua caught in the middle. After a few days, Tanner strikes it rich whilst Julius cant find anything. Hoping to settle the dispute, Joshua promises to help Julius out with his own portion, without Tanner knowing. The next day, Tanner wakes up and notices two gold bricks missing. At the end of his wire, Tanner accuses Julius of thievery and engages Julius violently. This quarrel sparks a series of events to follow. Julius drives himself into an emotional crisis and decides to pursue Tanner, Tanner cripples the friendship between himself and Joshua, Nolan and his advisers fight for the rights of the mine and bandits set out to claim their future after robbing the mining duo. The characters set themselves on paths of hatred, redemption, revenge, and determination; all for what they hold ideal.

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