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The Hunter and the Hunted_peliplat

The Hunter and the Hunted (2017)

83 min  |  Thriller, Comedy, Horror

Carlan, a black male in his early 20s, wakes up in the middle of a forest with two other men and two other women, all in club attire. Startled, confused, and drugged, the group slowly tries to figure out what happened. Before anyone has a chance, Theo, a strange large man, appears in front of him. Theo, in a hunter's clothing, tries to help one of the women up. She slaps his hand away and he kills her. The rest of the group runs away as Theo chases them down. Carlan, sacrifices the people around him trying to save himself. Finally, in a last ditch effort to escape, Carlan and the one remaining man runs into an abandoned building. Once inside, Theo closes the door, locking them inside. Carlan reveals himself as Theo's younger brother, who brings people for Theo to hunt, kill, and cook for dinner. That's when Theo moves in to finish Carlan's dinner. Days later, Theo prepares Carlan for his first day of college. There, they see the beautiful and mesmerizing ALLISON FAREDAY. Theo instantly falls in love with her, without knowing or understanding this feeling. Carlan on the other hand, loves her too and knows just how he wants to eat her. Theo shares a class with Allison. Pulled in even more by her intelligence, he attempts to talk to her, but only after resisting the urge to kill her and end his internal emotional confusion. The two share a bond, which gets interrupted by LUCAS, Allison's childhood friend and lifetime crush. Carlan doesn't have it any better. In P.E. class, he's bullied by the football quarterback, BROCK. Luckily, MATT, Lucas's younger brother, comes to Carlan's side and the two become best friends, Carlan's first and only friend. When Theo comes home upset, Carlan suggests killing Brock, to let off some steam. The college is in an uproar over its missing jock. Everyone in Carlan's P.E. class is talking about it, especially the coach. Pissed off at Carlan's lack of respect, concern, and care for Brock, COACH JOHNSON torments him and pushes him. Coach Johnson even dismisses the entire class to focus on Carlan, a mistake he soon regrets. All of the tormenting has finally gotten to Carlan, and he kills his first victim, Coach Johnson. With no time to eat the evidence, Carlan is smart enough to set it up as an accident. The detectives visit the school. After a little questioning, they become suspicious of Carlan and Matt and take them down to the station. Lucas and Theo ride down to the police station together, bonding a little over the responsibilities of an elder brother. But Lucas also takes time out to state that Allison is his girl. Trying to become a man worthy enough of Allison's heart, Theo resist killing. But he struggles with Carlan's need for human meat and the attention of the police. His world is slowly falling apart, and killing may be the only way he can put it back together.

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