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Martyrs of the Alamo_peliplat

Martyrs of the Alamo (1915)

71 min  |  War, Western, Drama, History

Santa Anna, dictator of Mexico, comes to San Antonio, Texas, and there follows a series of outrages upon Americans living there. The wife of Captain Dickinson is insulted by one of the dictator's officers. When her husband goes to demand satisfaction he is thrown into jail. Then are introduced Bowie, Crockett and Silent Smith. The last named falls in love with the old soldier's daughter. These leaders of the Texans successfully conceal their arms when Santa Anna issues a proclamation confiscating all weapons. With these arms the Texans attack the Alamo, a combined mission and fort, and capture it. Santa Anna, in whose absence they made their successful assault, starts back to San Antonio with 6,000 men. The Alamo is besieged and after ten days of fighting and desperate resistance, it is captured. Only Silent Smith, who had been sent to Sam Houston for help, Mrs. Dickinson and her baby and the old soldier's daughter are spared. Mother and child are sent to inform their countrymen of the fate that befell the rebels while the other woman is held by Santa Anna because of her beauty. Houston hears of the fate of the defenders of the Alamo when Mrs. Dickinson and her child ride into his camp. With his small force, Houston gave battle to Santa Anna's army on the San Jacinto river. The 6,000 Mexicans were routed by the few hundred Texans and Santa Anna was taken prisoner. He was released only after he agreed to grant the independence of Texas.

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