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The Prado Museum. A Collection of Wonders_peliplat

The Prado Museum. A Collection of Wonders (2019)

92 min  |  Documentary

To celebrate its 200th anniversary after its foundation in 19th November 1819, legendary movie star Jeremy Irons turns in visitor and narrator of the Spanish The Prado Museum located in City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain and country's capital) to walk by the different halls through of the more 1700 works and 7000 art treasures collected inside it, explaining the origins of the museum at early 19th century, that involved some kings and queens of Spain across the time, as well as some of the most important painters of history as Tiziano, El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens, Bruegel, Mantegna, Goya and Bosch. Named originally Museo Real de Pinturas and created by an aging King Carlos V of Spain and I of Germany in the attempt to make a legacy for all the country, Carlos' descendants became at the same time in kings and art dealers, collecting the last six centuries of Spain adding new pictures from another painters as themselves portrayed for the immortality in impressive pictures as The Meninas, preserving paint styles as Renaissance and Baroque. Cradle of universal art with about 3 million visitors per year, The Prado Museum is recognized as one of the most important museums in the entire world, turning it in a treasure of incalculable value and heritage of culture for all human kind (rulers, painters, artists, architects, collectors, engineers, curators, physics, intellectuals, historians...), that it tells the story not only a country, but a continent. As Goya said, "when abandoned by reason, imagination produces impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their wonders."

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