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Mercy Street_peliplat

Mercy Street (2016)

74 min  |  Animation, Family

First stereoscopic and 3D animation feature film made in Romania. A 3D animation feature film about friendship, courage, sacrifice and, last but not least, about love. "Mercy Street" is the story of a 10 year old little boy, Lorenz, who discovers a secret passage to a secret world beneath our world, which will take him into a great adventure meant to save the music of the world. For Lorenz, a 10 year old boy raised only by his father, a trip into the forest turns into an incredible adventure through the secret world Havala, where he discovers the evil plan of Marcus, the owner of a mining company where his father works as an engineer. Marcus is in fact an evil genius, who tries to steal the music of our world and transform it into an enormous source of energy which he wants to use to reach immortality. In his quest to save the music, Lorenz can rely only on his 3 outcast friends who are musicians, father Abbey - his confident and mentor, and his two cats. The story has dramatic highlights interleaved with hilarious happenings. Lorenz's father is arrested by Marcus' soldiers and forced to enjoy his son to this secret world as Lorenz and his friends move toward Havala. They will meet an unexpected help impersonated by a little girl called Hava, the only survivor of the underworld, who becomes their supportive friend. Will Lorenz and his friends eventually succeed in defeating Marcus' plans and save the music and the world?

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