Ryan Castle is an American Actor who also performs as a stand up comedian, screen writer and song writer. He was born in Ohio and was raised their most of his childhood. Later on his parents moved him, his 2 bothers and sister down to Daytona Beach in Florida. That's where he gained his first interest in acting. His sister would take him to Disney auditions and other events. His mother and father both encouraged him to follow his dreams, however hurricane Frances hit the cost of Florida and destroyed the families home, after staying in a rental his family packed up and moved to Texas. In Texas, Castle stop pursuing his acting career and went to school for computer science. After many years, Ryan wanted to come back to Florida, he moved in with his uncle went to college well working as a server. After leaving computer science behind he went to school for many other subjects but just never found his passion in any of the subjects he studied. A few years later he started to pursue acting

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