Julyah Rose is an experienced international model, actress, and singer. Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey she realized her passion for the performing arts at a young age after being inspired by Broadway in New York City. Julyah Rose's parents brought her to Radio City Music Hall, 42nd Street, jazz clubs, famed theaters, and live music venues around New York City. As a child she was also exposed to many great art museums like The Metropolitan Museum and The Brooklyn Museum. Her favorite classes in school were choir and theater. When she was 14 years old Julyah Rose moved with her family to a cattle ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border. As a straight A+ student, she received a full scholarship to Arizona State University where she graduated with two bachelor's degrees in Film and Theater, and Business. While in college she sang in the women's choir and was accepted to a prestigious program to study abroad in Florence, Italy. While studying abroad, Julyah Rose began working with Ita

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