Jordan Saria Oram is a Norwegian/American dual citizen and international actor. Jordan is a SAG-AFTRA actor and has worked in both the Norwegian and American markets for film and television. He received a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and Advertising at California Lutheran University, where he studied the Meisner technique. Jordan began working in television and film in 2015 as a background artist, doing anything to get on set. Jordan would fly from his hometown of Stavanger to Oslo for the productions, with the day-rate just enough to cover his flight fares. Jordan debuted his first TV credit in Norway with "Hotell Cæsar" in 2016. Shortly after, Jordan was cast by Leon Bashir for "Gjengangere" in 2016 as the role of one of the Botsen Prison Guards. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Jordan has received coaching from John Kirby, coach to the stars in downtown Hollywood. Since, he has worked a string of true crime shows such as; "People Magazine Investigates...", "Guilty Rich", and "C

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