Lily, a Los Angeles native, is in 7th grade. Lily loves art, music, singing, traveling and reading. She is always writing stories, letters and making drawings for friends and family near and far. An avid hiker, Lily completed 233 hikes in 2020. She continues to get out on the trails whenever she can. She also loves encouraging other children to get outside and connect with nature. When not running around in the hills, you can find her playing guitar or hanging out with her best friend and little sister Ruby. Lily is making her motion picture debut in Blonde (2022) as the young Norma Jeane. She had the fortunate experience to work closely with director Andrew Dominik and the wonderfully talented actress Julianne Nicholson, who plays her mother in the film. In Spring 2022 Lily spent six weeks in South Africa shooting Netflix new live action series "One Piece". She will be playing the role of Young Nami. The summer of 2021 was spent in New York City, filming Amy Schumer's new HULU serie

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