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Everleigh McDonell

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Everleigh McDonell was born on August 31, 2012 in California, USA. Everleigh is a Actress, Dancer & Model. Everleigh started dancing at the age of 2 years old. Everleigh made her Acting Debut at the age of 3 in the Short Film Home (2015). Everleigh as appeared in several television series including Fresh Off the Boat (2015) & Cut (2017). She also appeared in several films including Enough (2017), Ben Is Dead (2017), Mermaids (2017) & Yesterday Today. In 2019 Everleigh was cast as the role of Jane Boland in the television series Good Girls (2018). In 2019 she was also cast as Ella Dunn in the Apple TV series Truth Be Told (2019). Everleigh is the older sister of Actors Asher McDonell & Brayden McDonell.

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Truth Be Told

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Good Girls

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A Little Advice

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