Erica Juliet is an international actress, writer and model. She was born in the city of Los Angeles with French, Irish, English, and Swedish, Filipino and Spanish ancestry. Erica dreamed of being a doctor as she excelled in school with gifted classes and was very athletic growing up. She started studying martial arts at age five and started to study dance at age 11. In high school she was on the cheer squad, dance team, and track team. Erica became the youngest MAC professional make-up artist at age seventeen and was interviewed by Teen Vogue for having a career in fashion at a young age. She opened the MAC Malibu store and became part of the training and product development team for the company. Fiercely independent, Erica home schooled her senior year in high school as she pursued her passion in "make-up as art" and began to passionately own up to her artist abilities. She supported herself through studying acting in college theatre arts and studied with some of the greatest acting

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