Travis was born to Brenda Merendino (1961-2007) & Carl Merendino, and raised by his grandparents Joseph Merendino (1918-1999) & Ruth Merendino (1924-2007). From the age of five, he underwent training in several Martial Arts and received a rank of 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, issued by the Kukkiwon in Korea recognized by the Olympic World Taekwondo Federation; certification by The International Muay Thai School in Thailand; and a 2nd degree black belt by the International Kali Federation in the Philippines (stick and knife fighting). Travis competed in the Invitational U.S. Open and the Invitational Pan-American games, as well as in numerous regional, national and international Kyorugi (fighting) Taekwondo competitions. After graduating from High School in 2001, Travis began his Performance and Stunt Career with live shows, for which he attained his equitation training over 10 years. While working, Travis put himself through college studying Police Academy Science making both th

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