Born in Roswell, New Mexico; Merritt's first encounter with performing, aside from the plays and stories she performed on her own for family, was at the age of seven. A movie called 'Silent Tongue,' by Sam Shepard, came to Roswell to film in the desert surrounding her home town. As a request of her mother's first time position as the on set tutor, Merritt auditioned for Sam Shepard as a featured, recurring, background player. "I wanted to give Merritt an outlet for her strong tendencies toward performance that she showed since, well, pretty much birth," chuckles her mom. "I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, especially in a small town like Roswell." From this experience, Glover learned that her talent in performance could become the pursuit of a lifetime, and her career. Merritt begged her parents to travel to L.A. soon after 'Silent Tongue' wrapped, but they agreed it wasn't the right time for a family move. From that moment forward, Merritt took part in anything

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