Born Matthew Burke Brown, in Omaha, NE. A very precocious and imaginative child, he almost instantly was drawn to theatrics. He first performed on stage at the ripe age of 9, in an adapted version of the Christmas narrative. During his middle school year he performed poetry and prose readings for speech competitions, as well as duets. He attended St. Philip Neri Catholic private school through 8th grade. Roncalli Catholic High School in Omaha, NE through his sophomore year, then transferring to Omaha Central to pursue Drama. There he was heavily involved in school productions and speech. He then progressed to Dinner Theatres and stage productions during and after high school. Taking as many acting classes and reading as many books as possible. Recently, he has performed in many stage productions from Shakespeare's "Richard III" to Neil LaBute's "Dark, Dark House." He won "Best Actor" for his portrayal of Peter Pahkinas in "Heels To The Pavement" at the Houston Comedy Film Festival in 2

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