Shé D'Montford was only 8-years-old when she was first asked to appear in ABC educational programs filmed at her Gold Coast school. Working in modeling, film and television for her has continued to happen by invitation or as happy accidents to this day. As with many women on the Gold Coast, modeling became a good 2nd career, allowing Shé to complete her tertiary studies. In 1991 Shé ran "Naked Eye Video Productions" with her fiancé Richard Bell, filming TV commercials and show reels for others. Many of their clients recommended her to "Looks Model Management and Casting" on the Gold Coast. Through them, Shé began to be cast in movies, TV shows and commercials filmed at Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast. (Please see Filmography & Photos for a short list of major productions and for more details) - Appearing in "The New Adventrures of Flipper" TV series, as a regular guest bikini girl and jogging on the beach in her bikini in the opening credits, got her invited to appear on

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