Massimo Dobrovic is an International, Professional Actor based in Los Angeles, CA. He is academically trained at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He speaks 5 languages fluently and acts in all these languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian). Massimo was born within the Istrian Italian minority in Istria (Croatia) cause his father is of Croatian descent while his mom from an Italian background. Istrian Italians are an ethnic group ( a national minority) in the northern Adriatic region of Istria, referred to as the Italian people of Italy. Historically they are descendants from the original Latinized population of Roman Istria, from the Venetian-speaking settlers who came to Istria during the time of the Republic of Venice. For this reason, Massimo has two last names De Lorenzi and Dobrovic, he is mostly known with his Croatian last name as Massimo Dobrovic. This rich cultural background gives him the possibility to extend from Italian and Latin roles all

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