Brina is an actor playing both female and Trans. Previously a male Print and Runway model, he began his film career on the set of "GREASE" in 1976, then skipping to the small screen in Boston for a few minor TV roles. Then it was back to CA for Featured roles in several studio films in LA and San Diego. In 2006, Brina had "Re-Branded" herself and decided to pursue more acting work in the Boston, NY and Regional markets. Her first notable work was as a Featured actor in Happy Madison's film "Grown Ups". Working her way through many speaking roles in Indie films and more jobs as Studio background in the NY Episodic TV market, she decided to try her hand at writing and directing; producing the hilarious 50's Spoof film "Transsexuals from Space". This film--think "Ed Wood meets Roger Corman--directed by Mel Brooks" carries the political statement that "It's OK to laugh WITH Transsexuals/Diversity--not AT us". She continues to attract new roles and does Crew work as well as Cast.