MANNY REY Born and raised in El Paso, actor and writer Manny Rey is carving his path in Hollywood. He is the oldest of four. His mother, Cecilia, retired after a successful career as a nurse recruiter for a hospital. His father, Manuel, is an internationally renowned basketball referee. Being bilingual served Manny well, first during his 15 year tenure as a professional civil engineer in Chicago and Austin and later after listening to his heart and following his true passions...acting and writing. His first big acting break was staring with Bryan Cranston in a final season episode of Breaking Bad (2013). Manny is happiest with roles that stretch his abilities as a character actor. Manny is a triple threat as he possesses the charm of a Joe Mantegna, the cold intensity of a Benicio Del Toro or James Russo and a panther-like physicality of a young Brando. He gets cast as a cop and detective, but more often he nabs the role of villain, psychopath, crime boss, hit-man, among other undesi

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