Meera Menon is an Indian-American director, writer, and editor. Her feature directorial debut, Farah Goes Bang, screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013 and was awarded the inaugural Nora Ephron Prize by Tribeca and Vogue. She resides in Los Angeles. Menon cited her father as her earliest inspiration for filmmaking, using his camera to shoot films with her next-door neighbor. Since her father, Vijayan Menon, is a film producer, Menon was exposed to filmmaking from a young age. Her father is also a founder of Tara Arts, an English cultural ambassador for South India, showcasing musicals and films. Menon says while her parents encouraged her to pursue the arts, her father advised her to look at it as a hobby. Because of this way of thinking about film, Menon did not seriously consider filmmaking as a career until she attended Columbia University, and took classes that were taught by professional filmmakers. Menon she received a BA in English and Art History from Columbia, but whil

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